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Friday, May 4, 2012

May the 4th be with you!

Wait.... what? Two posts in one day? Stop it. ha ha. I guess it happens sometimes. Today it is happening because I had to do my traditional flashback friday, but today is also Star Wars day... so I have to tell you how I celebrated.

I spent the day with Jay and Rich. We went diving and I will blog more about that soon.... but all you need to know is that we spent the whole day together, we all wore Star Wars shirts (Jay even sported his Star Wars hat) and when we went out to eat and anywhere else we went, we wished people Happy Star Wars Day and said May the 4th be with you. Not everyone knew how to react. Not a lot of people know about Star Wars Day... but the ones that do, well they got pretty excited about us representing. :)

Here we are at the beginning of the day. This is a better view of the shirts (even though it is blurry). Yes, I am sporting the Lego Star Wars. I happen to love legos so I thought it was a win win.

On our drive back, we listened to a Star Wars mix that Rich had. Who does that? We do... and we liked it. Because we were diving on Star Wars Day, we thought about diving and taking pictures with Star Wars stuff... but turns out it is good that we didn't do that because the visibility on our dive was pretty crappy. However, we did bring it a long, so we just got a picture when we got back from our dive. I have Queen Amildala lotion and Rich has a Yoda alarm clock. I think this is the most I have celebrated Star Wars day ever... and it was awesome. I will never compare to my friend Karen... but.... at least I celebrated right? *I took two because one you can see the shirts and hat better and the other one you can actually see the Yoda clock*

Happy Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you!


T-Ray said...

Not sure why Kristy's comment didn't show up... but she said...

"Dang it! We forgot it again! May the 4th be with you also... a little late. PS. - Reanne has that yoda clock too."

Lori said...

I think I tried to get William to wear his star wars shirt yesterday not knowing it was star wars day! He wouldn't wear it, oh well. Glad you had a fun day celebrating!

jamie hixon said...

Nice. Dan and Asher were actually on the Fathers and Sons campout, so we didn't really do anything except say "May the fourth be with you."