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Monday, May 21, 2012

Coral Gardens

One of the reasons I was so excited to go back to Hawaii was because of scuba diving. Now that I am certified I could dive in clear and warm waters. Before we even got there, we had scheduled a boat trip out to Molokini island right off of Maui. It is a crater that is supposed to have the best snorkeling and scuba diving. I was excited. Unfortunately it was too windy and they wouldn't take us out there. Instead we ended up going to Coral Gardens (which they told me the scuba was a similar experience).

I was still excited to scuba dive. This was going to be my first ocean dive! Sadly I was the only one that was scuba certified, so I had to scuba a lone. Well... not a lone (I would never do that) but with a small group of people that I didn't know. I was a little nervous, not only doing my first ocean dive but not having friends with me. As the boat was taking us where we needed to go, I decided I needed to make friends. I started talking to the different crew members who were all young guys that were super friendly and fun and loved to tease.... so I got teased the rest of the trip. I told them I needed a scuba BFF for the dive and they told me that we went down as a group. I told them I don't care, I still need a scuba BFF because I was going to be a lone. They had the scuba master (James) that was going to be taking us out come and talk to me and I made him promise to be my scuba BFF. He just laughed and said okay and that he would take care of me and stick by my side and not let anything happen to me. ha ha. James, my scuba BFF on this dive took a pic of me trying to put my weight belt on (and failing, he ended up having to put it on me). I was the only one that had a weight belt on by the way. I think it is because I was the only one that had a shorty wet suite on.

After I got the weight belt on, he helped me put on my vest with the rest of my equipment on and then it was time to get into the water. The Scuba Divers were the first ones off the boat, so everyone watched us. One by one we each had to step to the edge of the boat and jump off into the water... which for some reason always made me nervous.... I like to just ease in, but on a boat... you can't always just do that. I guess I don't like it because I feel like the force of jumping in the water is going to knock my regulator out of my mouth or knock my mask off or all that weight on my back is going to throw me off in the water. Turns out it is just fine. James the dive master and my scuba BFF came last, I said goodbye to my friends and we all emptied our vests of air and descended down 60 feet or so into the Coral Gardens.

The dive had barely started and I was already loving it. THIS was the reason I got scuba certified. The water was so warm and clear. Thank goodness I brought my underwater camera along! It was so awesome to float right above the bottom of the ocean and just look at and swim along side all of the tropical fish. It was hard to get pictures because I had to keep up with my group who was always moving so I couldn't just stop and take pictures.... but I got some.

Coolest thing we saw on our dive was this Spotted Eagle Ray. He was swimming away by the time I got a picture, but it was cool to see it. Here is the picture that I got, and below a picture online of what they look like up close.

There was one point that James picked something up off of the ground (still not quite sure what it is) and then he handed it to me and took my camera to take a picture of me. It is hard to communicate underwater, so you just go with it. ha ha. First picture is him picking it up next to another guy in our group. Then me holding it.

I love watching and taking pictures of other people scuba diving. I think it is so cool looking... people just floating under water with the bubbles coming out... the colors are so different... it is just an awesome feeling that is hard to describe. The only way I can describe it is it is like experiencing a whole different world.

Our 40 minute or so dive felt like 15 minutes and then it was over. It is weird to think that I can go under water for that long. I got back and my friends were already done snorkeling. Must not have been that exciting. I love sea life. I could snorkel and scuba all day. I loved every minute of my dive. I so badly wanted to go on more dives while I was in Maui, but being the only one that is certified made it really hard to arrange that. I tried to flirt it up with scuba master James to take me on more dives, but that didn't work out. He said he would, but then he was always working and then to tired when we tried to meet up on other days. I'm glad I at least got to do one though. Next time I go to Hawaii I will have to go with at least one other person that is certified. I love scuba. Here I am with the scuba master and my scuba BFF on this dive, James.


Darrell said...

Love the picts

A Little Cuppa Tea said...

Looks amazing, so jealous!

jamie hixon said...

I'm so glad that you got to do this! Good for you. You also look awesome, by the way.