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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Homeward Bound

So continuation of my last post.... I also sang with Wes again. People loved that we sang Simon and Garfunkel so much last year that we decided to do another one this year. Last year we did "The Boxer", This time we chose another favorite... "Homeward Bound". Wes is a little louder than me this time... but people still loved it.

Sara and Tara also did a talent. Kind of a big deal because they have never been in a talent show before. They rapped "Lose Yourself" by Eminem. It was legit. They got some guys in the ward to break dance in the back (they sucked... but that was the point). I cheered SO loud for them.

Here is me and Wes singing Homeward Bound.

I love that Wes is my singing BFF. I'm going to be so sad if he moves. P.S. We are almost done with recording our album if anyone wants a copy.... let me know. :)


Lynette Mills said...

yea, I want a copy!

jamie hixon said...

I also want a copy. And I want my computer to fix itself. I have not been able to see any of your movies or play Who wants to be a Millionaire on Facebook. My life is so sad without those things.

Lori said...

Great job. I know that Grandma will want a copy! :)