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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthday Laser Tag

Along with all the birthday dinner's We went to Brick Over for Jay's Birthday, which was the day after Vicki's, Saturday. After dinner he wanted to play laser tag, so play laser tag we did!

We first went to Laser Assault in Provo because it is a little bigger and closest. While we were waiting to see how long the wait would be for us... I was playing. Peter Pan Syndrome for Life!

Then we found out we would be waiting for a long time, so we headed to Nickel City. We didn't really have to wait at all there. So we split up, 3 on 3. Me, Jay and Rich = Blue Team. Liz, Stuart and Thomas = Red Team. Guess which team won? Yep, mine. Go blue! The funny part is... when I was talking about laser tag as an option with Jay earlier that day he said to make sure to tell everyone to let him win because it was his birthday. I know he was joking, and I totally forgot about that anyway... but guess who got first place? Birthday boy. Guess who got second place? ME!! I think that is the best I have ever played. Ha ha.  Not too shabby.

I have never played as much laser tag as I have with people in this ward. I have to say though... it's a good time. Good time indeed.


Lil Lizzie said...

wow it'd be so embarrassing to come in 6th! i wonder who "elite" was...

Tracy said...

ha ha ha

jamie hixon said...

I have never played laser tag. I bet I would come in sixth. Nice work.