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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 119

You know what I am tired of? Construction. I feel like it is never ending. Not only that, but it is everywhere I go. The neighborhood I live in (so annoying to leave for work in the morning) the freeways, the way to church there are so many streets blocked off... it is so annoying. Even on my way to softball this week it was like an obstacle course trying to get there.

Speaking of softball.... Stake softball started and we had our first game on Tuesday. Besides batting a little bit and shagging some balls.... I have not really played much since I was on the Apx (now Viviant) softball team. That was a while ago and we have some people on our team now that are really good... so I was a little bit nervous, but I just tried to play it cool. It is just stake softball right? Our ward is so legit because Jay brought his portable BBQ and we had hot dogs on the BBQ and ate before and after the game. We were all chill just having a good time... playing by the silly stake rules (like everyone on the teams bats before you switch no matter how many outs they got) and we won our first game. The other team had a TON of people there. They had made shirts that were all legit and they only had 2 girls playing (which you are supposed to have 5 girls and 5 guys) but... we still won. No big deal. I am happy to say that I didn't suck. I hit every ball when batting. None of them were caught (which I am known to hit good fly balls) and I made it home once AND when playing in the center outfield, I got two people out by catch fly balls! I was SO proud of myself... and I think other people were surprised actually. ha ha. I was glad though. Really don't want to be the weak link on a team. Hopefully I can play this well every game. Good start though.

Does anyone know the point of that school feed thing from facebook? I keep getting emails and people adding me (even if we didn't go to school together) and I just don't get the point of it. I mean, is it supposed to be something connected to facebook? Like facebook? I don't use it whatever it is, but I have emails saying people are adding me all the time.

So, I found out that there is an Angry Birds Land opening at a Finnish theme park. I guess they are pretty proud of it. I wonder what it is like. I think it is pretty weird, but at the same time I am super curious and kind of wish I could go.

I LOVE it when people send me things to keep me entertained at work or home... but especially at work. I love it when people send me cool video's and websites that make me laugh or are just awesome on facebook or gmail or whatever. For example, my BFF neighbor and I were both on gchat last Friday. He starts up a chat box with me and just sends me two different links and then after he wrote "click in that order". I think... ok.... and I do it. The first link took me to a website where it is a picture of a window with rain on it and it was literally just rain sounds. It was raining that day, so I thought it was funny. I can't open a window to listen to the rain, so now I have another way to listen to it. Pretty awesome. The second link was to John Mayer's song "Say". So I had the rain sounds in the background while that song was playing. It was nice, I'm not going to lie.... it just cracked me up that he would send it to me. He is awesome like that though. I also love random video's that people send me. It just makes my day that much better if I have something to laugh at in my office. Especially when Lauren goes on Maternity leave, I am going to need a lot of that kind of stuff.

I gained weight on my trip. I guess that is typical. I didn't even eat that bad. Guess I will have to step it up on notch. When we went to go get shaved ice in Hawaii, across the way there was this place that sold Fudge. Tara and I went to go check it out and I ended up buying some. I couldn't decide between the chocolate banana and the red velvet. I finally decided on the chocolate banana but the nice girl working there also gave me the red velvet one free of charge... because it was her favorite. I never ate the fudge while I was there... I actually just ate them in the last couple days. Wow, good. So glad she gave me that extra one for free.... or maybe I'm not.

I blame most of weight problems on work though. I can maintain but it is hard for me to lose. Why? My co-workers have the munchies. Almost everyday they get snacks for the afternoon. Today it was chips and salsa, yesterday it was donuts, the day before that ice cream. I wish I was joking. In a way I think it is awesome. We all take an afternoon break from work and we snack and socialize. In another way it is bad though. Too much eating.

Besides that I still eat really healthy. I pretty much eat the same thing everyday. Does anyone get sick of eating the same thing everyday? I don't. Not sure why. I find what I like and I stick to it. The funny thing is.... my co-workers have noticed and they make comments about it almost everyday. "Time for your tuna spinach salad?" they say. "Everyday you eat that and everyday it looks so good". It is true. I eat a spinach tuna salad with tomato and avocado just about everyday and I never get tired of it. It is so good and it is so healthy, so I just stick with it. Maybe that makes me weird. I also always bring an apple and string cheese and V8 juice. I know it is easy healthy stuff that I can grab and take to work. If I had a personal chef that would keep track of my calories and make me special healthy meals everyday... I suppose I would switch it up more... but I don't. I would be jealous of my lunch too if I were other people. ha ha.


Kristy said...

Amen about construction. I've been meaning to ask you about Hawaii. Missed you on Sunday. We'll have to catch up this Sunday.

jamie hixon said...

I have actually heard that sticking to the same foods every day can help you lose weight. And your V8 reminds me of Donald Trump. Apparently he has a V8 for lunch every day.

You rocked softball, good for you! I feel like I surprise people with my random athleticism too. I think we Mills children have good hand-eye coordination and good reflexes or something.

I had better not tell Asher about Angry Birds land. He would want to go. He is SO obsessed right now.