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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cat Lady

This is going to be totally random... but how does one become a cat lady? It is a total stereotype... and I think everyone knows that... however, people still do it and they have to know.... I mean, they even make fun of cat ladies on tv and in the movies. So how does one let themselves get to that point?

So the reason why this thought crossed my mind... is because there is a lady on my floor... I walked by her office one day on my way to the break room and I noticed first that her office is the only one occupied in the entire hall. Second, that she keeps the lights off except for a lamp. I couldn't imagine sitting in the dark all day long. Third, she has a cat picture hanging in the window to her office and a big stuffed animal cat by her computer... this is all at a glance while I was walking by, there could be more.

Here's the thing... I could totally see being a lone and needing companionship of a pet. I understand loving animals. I love animals. I don't love cats, but maybe you love cats... that is fine. However, when does it cross over into loving them so much that you have pictures of cats everywhere and clothes with cats on them and you decorate you office with them?

I was talking to my co-worker about this. We came to the conclusion that maybe it is a generational thing and that our generation won't have cat ladies. Maybe? Who knows. Even if I stay single for the rest of my life... I will never become a cat lady. End of story.

Sorry... random rant of the day.... Moral of the story, don't become a cat lady. It's just sad.


MoNiCa! said...

Ha ha! Ben's Grandma is a cat lady! She has had like 14 cats at once I think only 2 now. But she sends us a cat greeting card every month (with a little bit of $) and signs it "Lulu" which is one of her cats! HA!

jamie hixon said...

Like Angela from the office!