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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 167

Today is my parents anniversary! Happy Anniversary to them. I'm super glad they got married and decided to have 5 kids... especially #4 (that's me) :) They sure are great and I am blessed to be a part of the family.

I have had a ton of projects at work. I hate feeling like I can't get caught up on everything I have to do. Thank goodness I am boarder-line OCD and a great multi-tasker. I have been able to stay on top of things a lot better than some of the others.

I am on week two of my diet. I'm not hungry, I have energy and I don't feel gross. I think this diet is going to be good for me. After 1 week on the diet I lost 5 pounds and 2 inches. I thought that was a great start. I don't think it will continue at that pace.... but it is progress in the right direction. I might have a friend that wants to do it with me. I hope she does, it would be great to have someone going through it with me.... support system.

We went to the movies for work. We saw "42" which was about Jackie Robinson, the first black baseball player to join a white team. It was a great movie... even though I feel like so many of those movies have been done before.

One of my best friends, Steve just got engaged. I'm happy for him. His fiance is nice... met her while I was visiting him in Boston. I am happy for Steve... but I'm sad that I am the last one out of our gang to get married... when at one point I was going to be the first. What happened...? Steve and I always had each other to talk about our single problems. Not anymore.... hopefully it won't be too much longer for me either. Maybe 30 is the lucky age for Steve and I. Let's hope.

Saturday I painted the living room wall with two girls that are going to become my roommates in two days. I thought it was really sweet that they wanted to get a head start on bonding and help me paint. They are sweet girls and I'm glad I will have them as roommates. It has been sad to watch Sarah and Megan moving all of their stuff out though. The house is cleaned and all of their stuff is gone. Sarah is gone tomorrow, Megan will be gone on Saturday.... holding back the tears. We got some last minute bonding in tonight. Sarah and I went to cheer Megan on at her softball game.

All of the cleaning and moving out that has been going on... makes me want to clean and go through my stuff and reorganize and get rid of stuff. I should... spring cleaning, it's time.

So I know I haven't even been back from my cruise for a month yet, but I am already wanting to plan my next trip. Is that bad? Can you be addicted to traveling?

Oh! One of my next projects is planting in my patio garden. Love that time of year. I am actually surprised with some of my plants that survived the harsh winter. I love summer. It's such a happy time of year.

Today I was surprised by a random text from a high school friend that I rarely see or talk to, but that I love dearly and was one of my closest friends in high school. Catherine. She just text me these OLD pictures of us together. My photobooth days. I was obsessed with those things. I should find something cute to do with all of them. Looks like Catherine put them all on a ring. Cute idea. Anyway... it was as simple as sending me pictures in a text... but it made my day. I love and miss her. I imagine that if I lived in Santa Barbara still... we would hang out a lot. She is great.


Anonymous said...

I'm a reader from Canada and I hope you don't mind me asking, but I'm curious about your roommates. Sounds like you always have lots of fun but they change often, Are you in church or student housing? Or how do you find roommates? I'm probably being nosy, but I was just curious as I'm not familiar with that set up. Sounds like a fun set up in any case. Thanks, Amy

Ps,I really enjoy your stories and adventures

Lori said...

Can't wait to meet your new roommates :) Neat that Steve is engaged- fun to get those photo booth pics! Love you and miss you!

Lynette Mills said...

I need to come over and see the wall and meet the new roomies. Thanks for being an awesome daughter.

T-Ray said...

Hi Amy from Canada. Thanks for writing and reading my blog. I live close to a University... so there are a lot of students and a lot of singles in my area. Some people I am roommates with for 2 or 3 years... some leave after one year just depending on what life has to offer them. I usually find new roommates at church.

jamie hixon said...

I am a fan of photo booths still, but I just don't see them often. I have a million of those things too. Ha.