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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 164

Living the cruise life. It's a good one. Only a few more days until it is over. We have made many friends on the ship. Hardly anyone our age... except this guy Tyler we met dancing at the club on the ship. We could tell by his dancing that he was Mormon... even since then he has been hanging out with us (when we run into him). We have also made good friends with the activity crew on the ship. The Assistance Cruise Director and I were going to sing a duet together but he had to go on to the next activity. We have been having a blast. Steph and I are a good duo on this ship. It's all about the attitude. Especially since every night we feel like we are crashing dates since are always at a table for two. We always just make friends with older couples and laugh and make the best out of things. We have become quite popular on the ship. People notice us and say hi. "Oh hey, we just saw you guys dancing in the club" and "Oh hey, I just saw you at 80's trivia, you looked like you were having a blast" and we are like.... what? How does everyone notice us? ha ha.

We have actually had some cool missionary experiences while we have been here. People always wonder why we aren't drinking, why we are so friendly and nice and dressed modestly. I tell pretty quickly in conversation that I am Mormon and every time had a positive response and some great conversation about the church. Maybe a little hope for one couple to come back to the church. A couple that we were not even going to talk to, but I felt prompted to talk to them and I'm so glad we did. Sometimes I forget how great it is to talk and meet knew people and to have missionary moments. This is one of the reasons why I love to travel. Living in Utah, you don't get the opportunity very often... except for trying to help life people who are falling away. That is good too...  Anyway I just hope that I leave a good impression on people that I meet.

Another thing that has been good for me on this cruise is I feel young! I get so focused on where I should be and why I'm not married and that I feel old still being single.... that I forget how young I am and how great life is and all the opportunities that I have and that I can do anything I want to do. Every older couple told me to remember how young I am and how much life I have ahead of me. That I am still young and beautiful and still have lots a time to find a man and get married, so not to worry about it. So I'm not going to. It has been a refreshing trip. Care free and fun.

Another thing I have been having a blast with is winning music trivia. Seriously.... I am glad all this music stored in my brain has come in handy at some point. I won a trophy for guessing the song title when the lyrics were being read (no music). I also won a trophy for guessing the movie that the song went to (could have been the theme song or the song played during the credits or just anytime during the movie). The medals are for 70's name that tune, Motown's name that tune AND 80's name that tune. Yeah.... I'm awesome.


Lori said...

That is a lot of awards in one week! haha, that's rad. Sounds like a great trip :) Glad you got to go.

jamie hixon said...

Holy cow, girl! Ha! I wouldn't have been able to win those against you.

Cruises really are the best. And I'm glad that you are being a good example and sharing your light. :)