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Friday, April 5, 2013

Flashback Friday 111

Back in 2002 I hung out with some fun singles in Santa Barbara. One weekly activity we did we music fest! What is music fest you ask? Well.... we would meet at our friends apartment every week and we would each bring one song that we wanted to share. There was initiation into  music fest. They would make us wear a funny hat and ask us questions like "do you eat your mac and cheese with a fork or spoon". Then we would each take a turn playing our one song and explain why we wanted to share it. Dancing was optional. One night we had a hip hop themed night and dressed up.

This was our group. I loved music fest. I would think all week long what song I wanted to share. I miss it sometimes. I tried to start it up in Utah.... but not enough people wanted to do it. Oh well. It was a good time while it lasted.


Lori said...

Your SB flashbacks really bring back a ton of memories when I look at the friends in the pictures! Crazy!!

jamie hixon said...

I remember when you used to do that.