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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Goodbye Allyson

My dear Allyson moved to Texas a month ago. I am so glad that my BFF Nate dated her and that I had a space in my house that he could recommend to her. Crazy to think that was 4 years ago.  We have had so many good times in those 4 years. We have gone to a concert, some fun road trips and some hikes. So many good times with Allyson.

Although she moved to Texas... our good times are not over. Maybe not as often... but not over. I know she will come see me when she is ever in town PLUS I have already told her that I would come out to Texas and hang out with her. Just waiting for her to tell me when. I have never been to Texas... so this will give me the chance to explore a new place and see a new friend. That is what friends do right? 

Anyway, I miss her already. She was one of my favorite people to see. At church especially. Always so positive and made me feel so good about myself. Allyson is awesome. Can't wait to visit her in Texas.

These pictures were from her goodbye party.

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jamie hixon said...

I have been to Texas exactly twice. Once was a long layover on my way to New Orleans. And Dan has a brother that lives there. I should go to Texas.