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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Joshua Radin Concert

We have a ward email list. People use it to send out info about selling contracts, parties that are going on, job openings.... anything that they feel like other people might want to know. On Monday my friend Cara sent out an email saying they had an extra ticket to the Joshua Radin Concert that Wednesday. I got SOOOOO excited. I didn't even know he was in town. I love Joshua Radin. He sooths my soul. I jumped right on emailing her back and just hoped that I was the first one to respond back. You see... I was supposed to see Joshua in concert a few years back with my good friend Kirsten, but the night of the concert she got sick and we didn't end up going. This was my second chance! They got back to me and said the ticket was mine. I was pumped.

Wednesday the girls came and picked me up and we drove to SLC to "Club Sound" where the concert was being held. It was kind of smelly (the venue AND someone in front of me that had BAD gas) and super crowded.... because lots of people love Joshua Radin. Of course you always have to sit through the opening acts. I usually really dislike this part. They are usually not that great and you just want to hear who you went there for. First opening act I was pleasantly surprised. It was this girl named Laura Jansen. She is new. Her first CD is coming out this month! She was SOOOO great live! I instantly fell in love with her music. I was so pumped that she was giving away her newest single "Single Girls" for free after she was done performing. I told her I loved her music and she signed my CD for me. She wrote the song when she got dumped by her boyfriend on Christmas day after opening presents. What a jerk. It brought a great song though. I like her so much I am telling everyone about her.

Next up was Cary Brothers. He is not my favorite. I heard him for the first time when I saw Ben Lee in Concert a few years back. I have downloaded a couple of his songs, but for the most part... I would never choose to see him in concert. He swears a ton. He did tell one entertaining story about one of his songs, besides that and my favorite song that he sings "Blue Eyes"... I could have done without him. I did learn though that he is the one that got Joshua Radin his start 7 years ago and wrote "Winter" (his first song) in Cary's bedroom. I have to thank Cary for that.

Then came Joshua Radin. I had never seen him. Just a couple of pictures on CD covers. He is CUTE! He was clean and told some funny stories. Very likable. I think that is one of my favorite parts about concerts.... you already know most of the songs if you are going to an artist you love, but it is so fun to hear the story behind the music that they write. Gives new meaning to some of the songs. Anyway... I couldn't get enough of him. By the end of the concert.... I had a mad crush on Joshua Radin. P.S. I loved all the lamps on the stage. I thought that was a cool idea for a concert.

The song in this video I learned at the concert was written as a lullaby for a 6 month old he was babysitting for one of his good friends, but turned into a lullaby for the city because he wrote it right after Hurricane Katrina. I like the song even more than I already did.

What an awesome concert! I LOVED it. Thanks Chelsea, Cara & Lara for having an extra ticket and letting me take it. :o)


Lynette Mills said...

Glad you got to go Tracy... that's the kind of music I like, good taste must run in families :)

Lori said...

Concerts are so fun! How awesome that you got to go :)

Jennica said...

I love him with all of my little heart. Oh, and I don't like Cary Brothers either. You have good taste. :)

Chelsea said...

Such a good concert! I was so pleased that Joshua didn't swear. I was worried I would have to let my crush on him go. I'm happy to report it is live and well and even more so. He has such a sexy voice, singing and speaking.

Also, loved it when someone yelled out to him that they wanted to have his babies. He said I don't have any babies to give.

I find myself looking up live footage of songs on you tube just to relive it. We were so glad you came with us, so much fun!

Kayleigh said...

Okay, the Laura Jensen song is SO pretty! I love the video. I do have to say I was a little disappointed that she didn't have short hair at the end though! Haha...