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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lehi Christmas Parade

Yesterday my new friend Allison and I were looking for something fun to do. She thought it would be fun to go to a Christmas Tree lighting. She saw online that Lehi was having a parade AND Christmas Tree lighting that day. So we decided to go. The website said that the parade started at 4.

We got to Lehi at 4 and didn't see a parade going on. In fact, we didn't see any streets blocked off or people waiting on the side of the streets. We double checked online to see if it was really happening today. Supposedly it was, but we got the time wrong. It was at 5. Still... at 4 you would think you would see some sign of a parade waiting to happen.

We saw two men in the high school parking lot (where the parade was supposed to start) by their tractors. We ask them about the parade. They tell us it starts at 5 and the Mayer said to meet at 4:30 (which is was) and he was going to meet them at the school on his tractor along with everyone else that was supposed to be in the parade. We thought that was strange. I suggested we get something to eat while we wait. I had just recently eaten at Emmet and Ethel's a few weeks ago with Nate and Steve and suggested we go there. We went and it was closed... for the parade. So we went to Arctic Circle. I asked them if they knew if there was a parade going on (because it was getting closer to 5 and we still didn't see any signs of a parade. The people there had no idea what I was talking about.

As we sat by the window in Arctic Circle eating our food... we saw some people gathering at the high school. There were finally signs of a parade. It's 5pm and the police show up to block off the road. Then the first tractor starts off the parade. We see that the parade has started and decide we will finish our food and then head out and watch the rest from the street. About 5 tractors/ floats go by and then the sixth has Santa on it. We realize quickly that is the end of the parade! We thought that couldn't be right.... but it was. The parade was over after 5 minutes! No wonder people didn't know it was happening. I laughed so hard that I cried. I kind of don't love parades... so this was my kind of parade. I just didn't know such short parades happened. We decided we better hurry if we were going to make it to the tree lighting! ha ha

We got to where they were going to light the tree. We made it in time. Santa was on the roof wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and then started counting down from 10. Then this pole with lights around it to look like a tree lit up. HA! We laughed again. We thought there would be an actual tree. James wanted to get a picture with Miss Lehi, so I took their picture. She was on one of the 5 other floats besides Santa I guess. Then we left.

We were home by 5:45. The parade started at 5 and it is a 10-15 minute drive back. I'm still laughing about it. We were all so glad we went. Great way to start off our Christmas season!


Lori said...

Tracy, I was totally laughing all through this post :) What an experience... good times!

jamie hixon said...

That is epic.