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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

HALLOWEEN - Turtle Power

It has been a very busy and fun Halloween. So much going on I barely have time to fit it all in. When I got back from my little Cali trip with my roommates, I went to dinner at my sister Kristy's house for her annual Halloween dinner for the kids. I asked her if I could come again this year. I love it... probably because I'm a big kid with the peter pan syndrome... but whatever. It was more low key this year than last year, but still super cute. I brought the dessert. I made eyeballs aka oreo truffles. They were a hit with the kids.

Speaking of kids, I will of course continue my tradition of showing off my nieces and nephews in costume... because I love them.

Bourgeous kids. Pirate & Princesses.

Wrenn Family (love their family theme's) Peter Pan, John, Michael, Wendy & Captain Hook.

Hixon kids. Indiana Jones and Rapunzel.

Mills kid - baby Irelyn was Toad! Just like me! Chad dressed up like Mario and Clara dressed up as Princess, but sadly I don't have a picture of the whole family.

Then there is MY costume! My friends and I came up with this idea over the summer and I have been excited about it ever since. Last year was my first time doing a couple costume (even though I wasn't dating someone) and this year was my first time doing a group themed costume. Weird right? Seems like I would have done that before... Well, I guess there was that one year my friends all dressed up as pirates, but that is not what I mean. I mean where everyone has their own character in a themed group costume. Like what I did for Mario Kart, but that wasn't for Halloween. Wait, I guess I did Star Wars one year... ANYWAY!! This was fulfilling a childhood dream. In order to fulfill this dream, it was going to take some awesome people, some time and some craftiness.

What am I referring it? Hero's in a Half Shell, Turtle Power! I have always wanted to be a Ninja Turtle. Seriously. I always loved Donatello, so that is who I was. How did we pull it off? Well, we borrowed 2 shells from my friend Ali, who we got the shells from for Mario Kart (she was Koopa). We then found out the other two were being used, so we had to make them! Rich got in touch with his crafty side and went to work on the two shells with some foam and paper mache and paint. We got our friend Malinda to sew our awesome masks for us. Then my mom and I sewed the material front part of the shell that would connect us to our shells. Then we bought some green spandex suites and got extra material for the belt and knee pads and stuff and we borrowed the weapons from some friends and we were set! Roommate photo!

We were a hit at the party. A lot of people wanted to take our picture. Maybe because we are awesome. We even brought a pizza. I was eating a slice as I entered the party. Did I mention we were extra awesome because we got my roommate, Sarah, to be April O'Neil? Yep. Best group costume ever! I should do that more. Makes dressing up so much more fun.

Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello & Raphael = Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Hero's in a Half Shell, Turtle Power!


Lil Lizzie said...

you guys were seriously the coolest people there...let's be real.

jamie hixon said...

That is SUPER RAD!!! Totally tubular! Cowabunga! (I always love Michelangelo myself...) Seriously, I love it.