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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Baby Lily

Another baby photoshoot! This time for my friend Alli. She used to be in my ward... she actually used to be my visiting teacher. Haven't seen her since she got married. She put on facebook that she needed some photo's taken of her newborn for a decent price, so I offered my services.

I went over on my lunch break on the first big snow of the winter. Baby Lily was over two weeks old and didn't want to relax and go to sleep and the lighting wasn't the best...  so these didn't turn out as great as my last baby photoshoot... but I still got a few good ones. My favorites are the ones of Alli with Baby Lily... and that is what she wanted the most anyway. Either way, it was fun to see Alli and meet her beautiful baby. So here are my favorites.


Gary said...

Great work Tracy. You know you have that option as a second career, don't you?

jamie hixon said...

Cute! Even though she is older than most "classic" baby pictures, you still got some good ones. Good job.