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Monday, December 2, 2013

Tiger Kingdom

I still have so many pictures to go through from my trip... so I have decided to not post in order. Rather I will just post what I have done and the most together/ organized.

We went to Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Northern). We were about a week into our trip when we did this. I was pretty excited about this... but I really love animals.

I know this is something that the majority of people do when they visit Thailand. Therefore, I wasn't nervous. They seemed to not care too much about the people around them. They are beautiful animals aren't they? I got some good action shots of one of the Tigers while I was in the cage.

I saw this one sleeping... it just looked so cute and cuddly that I just had to snuggle up with it for a minute. I just rubbed his belly while I hugged him.

We also had lunch at Tiger Kingdom. It was a blast! Along with the rest of the day... but we will get to that later. :)


Lori said...

That is so rad Tracy :) I'm so glad you had such a full and fun experience out there!

Kristy said...

I still would have been pretty nervous I think. That is pretty awesome though.

jamie hixon said...

I know I would have been afraid... and they would have sensed my fear and eaten me for lunch. But they are beautiful.

Bre said...

Ok, this just FREAKS ME OUT looking at it!