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Friday, December 13, 2013

Flashback Friday 146

When I was little I used to watch Annie and I would see her tap... and I wanted to tap dance too... SO BAD. So I would pretend and tap around the house, up and down the stairs just like Annie. In first grade, I took my first tap class. I loved it. I didn't continue with it.... picked it up again when my sister Jamie started learning tap from Sister Tate in our home ward and then she would teach me in our garage while I was in high school. When I moved to Utah, I took tap for another two years at the Spotlight Review in Orem. I love tap. It's so much fun. 

This is me with a few of the girls in my tap class in 1st grade.

1 comment:

jamie hixon said...

You are fun to tap with. I haven't tapped in forever.