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Monday, December 23, 2013

Fancy Christmas Dinner

Last year I did a fancy Christmas dinner with my roommates. I loved doing that so much that I wanted to do it again... except this year I invited friends that are from Utah and not going anywhere for the Holiday, so I had over Geoff, Tara, Sara and of course John.

I didn't make them dress up like I did my roommates last year, but it was plenty fancy. Geoff brought fancy drinks, Sara made cheesy mushrooms and potatoes which were both super good and Tara brought some Cole Slaw and John helped me make the main dish. I did a ricotta stuffed chicken that I found off of Pinterest. It turned out SO good. Everyone loved it. I will be blogging the recipe later. I also made home made rolls and Christmas jello! It all turned out perfect. Everyone really enjoyed it and that is what I love about party planning. I love cooking for friends.

The room was lit just by Christmas lights and candles... oh and I had the fireplace for your home off of Netflix on the TV which was extra cozy and even made the crackling noises. Towards the end of dinner, Geoff showed us the "behind the scenes" and trailer for it. SO FUNNY.

It was a great Christmas Eve Eve spent with some good friends. We all had a great time and were stuffed full of good food. I really should do dinner parties more often. I really love them.  The pictures are all from my phone, so they are not the best... but you get the idea.

Blurry Group photo's

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jamie hixon said...

Those videos are funny. And the dinner sounds awesome. I wonder when I'll get to do something like that again. You know... children.