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Friday, December 6, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 198

The weekend of Thanksgiving was so nice and sunny. It was a great time to recover from my trip. It wasn't until Monday that I fully felt like I was back on my normal time.

I saw Catching Fire with my mom. It was SO GOOD! I LOVED it. I loved the first one and thought they did a great job with the first one, but I liked the second one even more! They did such an amazing job casting it and the actors did such an amazing job acting. I just really felt the emotion and fear of living in the districts and going into the games. What a great movie. I want to see it again.

Monday I got my hair done. Nicole does such an amazing job. She knows my hair and what looks good on me. I always trust her to do whatever she wants and I have never been disappointed. I even get compliments from strangers. I did this week. That is when you know your hair is awesome and other people wish their hair was as awesome as yours. ha ha.

Tuesday the sunny days ended. It got cold... real cold. I got ready for work in the basement and walked upstairs... to find this. Yuck! Winter has begun and mother nature sure didn't ease us in this year. It snowed... all day...

I'm already over the snow and it just started. I just hate being cold, and scraping snow and ice off of my car, and driving in it... that's all. Really, if I could hibernate...

I'm back to pilates on Monday. Why? Because Jeanie is back! Oh how I have missed her. Seriously... I'm starting over since I have not done pilates in about a year and I'm excited for Jeanie to whip my core back into shape. Her class is so fun. SO glad she is back.

Wednesday I went with Rich to his Christmas work party at Nu Skin. Oh how I forgot what it is like to work for a successful company. Novell... they won't even let us spend money on a Christmas party this year. Nu Skin was giving away millions in prizes to say thanks to their employee's. They also had a concert... but I will get to that later.

Today I had dinner with John's family. You never know how other people's families are going to be. John's family is so great. Even though I have only met his parents one other time and two of his siblings one other time, I was welcomed like family. I felt so at home there, even the people that didn't know me welcomed me with open arms. So nice. That is the type of family that I would like to marry into. John has yet to meet my family. Maybe this weekend or next. I'm sure John will get the same welcoming feeling. Or at least I hope. I think my family is pretty good at that.

My roommates and I decorated for Christmas. A lot of the things that they put up... I wouldn't have because I like things to look good and classy. I guess not everyone has my good eye for fashion and design. I'm a little OCD about it... but I am trying to learn to let go and not make a big deal out of it. It makes them happy... and that is all that matters. I just know when I have my own place... I will be doing things VERY differently. ha ha.

I made a Winter Bucket List that I am pretty excited about. Maybe it will help me like Winter this year? Probably not... but at least it will make sure that I don't hibernate.

So the trend right now is the patterned leggings. I bought some but have not been able to get myself to wear them. Nicole told me I should wear them this week because I would be able to pull them all. So I wore them the next day. It felt good. I think they are cute. I may even want to buy another pair in another pattern. ha ha. I think people liked them and I pulled them off well. They are comfortable, that's for sure.


Lynette Mills said...

You must wait till I'm home before you invite john over, that is all!

jamie hixon said...

Can't wait to see what is on your winter bucket list. Also, I wish that I had a hair person. I haven't had my hair cut or colored in over a year! Crazy town.