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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 200

I have been baking again tonight. This time I made a white sheet cake for yet another pot luck at work. I think they are just doing it because it's the holidays and we have to be at work. They just put it together today.

My neighbor, Adam, came over tonight which was fun. He just wanted to borrow a pan, but then he ended up cooking his dinner at my house and hanging out which was fun. It is just first time we had hung out since we both got back from Thailand. He is a cool guy. I hope he does this more often.

While talking with Adam he brought up the trip and how slow of a walker I am and apparently this is a big problem to people. I mean.. I know I am a slow walker. It's not like I am TRYING to walk so much slower than everyone else. I just don't have as long of legs, plus If I am not in a rush... I don't see the point in rushing. I like to take my time and enjoy my surroundings and I am usually taking pictures and stuff. Sorry to everyone that thinks that I walk too slow. I didn't realize it was such a problem. I will try and work on it.

Monday our ward went to Temple Square to see the lights. I will blog more about that later, but I will just say that I thought I dressed warm enough... but I don't remember the last time I have been that cold. I was ready to give up on life. I HATE being cold. It is SO miserable. My ward was also singing really loud. I was slightly annoyed. Just because you feel like singing, doesn't mean everyone on the train wants you to put on a performance for them.

Friday, John's brother and girlfriend came to town. Friday night the brothers and their girlfriends went to eat at The Black Sheep. I was kind of excited because I had never eaten there before and I had heard it was good. I love trying new places in town. It is a small setting and everything is cooked from scratch while you wait... so it takes a little while. Plus a lot of us ordered something that isn't on the menu anymore because John's little brothers girlfriend used to work there and knew about it. It was way good. I got Navajo Tacos. They were super good. Also hung out with John's family all day Saturday. I really like his family, so it was fun to just relax at their house and hang out. I bonded with Connie (John's brother's girlfriend that was in town) we have already decided to travel together. :) We all had a really yummy dinner together and it was great. It was nice to relax, but still be in the company of others. We also went out and did something fun, but I will also be blogging about that later.

I read over last weeks confessions and that already all seems like it was so long ago! This month is just flying by. I'm still on a roll with watching as many Christmas movies as I can. Here are the Christmas movies I have watched in the last week.
Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
The Heart of Christmas
Christmas Cupid
Christmas Lodge
All She Wants for Christmas
The Mistle-tones!
Fireplace (yep, I watched a fireplace on my screen and probably will again)
Jingle All the Way
Jack Frost
Santa Clause: The Movie
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
All I Want for Christmas
The Polar Express
Snow 2: Brain Freeze (I hated the first one so I'm not sure why I watched this one)
White Christmas
Saving Santa (This was a CUTE animated one with cute songs)
The Nutcracker
Christmas Angel
The Fitzgerald Family Christmas
So many of these were SO stupid, but when I have a goal set in my mind... I do everything I can to make it happen.

This year I have had pretty low expectations for my birthday and Christmas. I just knew nothing exciting was going to happen for either one. My birthday was yesterday. I just didn't care about it this year... I LOVE hearing from everyone though. All of the facebook messages, text messages and phone calls. It just makes me feel loved. I just worked all day. My work let's me choose birthday treats (I chose kneaders treats) and that is about it.  Oh, except that I went and got a mani and pedi on my lunch break. That was such a good idea. After work... John and I dressed up a little nicer and he took me to Texas Roadhouse. I love that place. We had great conversation over great food. He also got me a couple of gifts and was very sweet. I also got a gift from Lolly in the mail and my roommate McKenzie was sweet and got me something as well. John offered to not play in his soccer game that night, but I knew it was his last game and told him it was fine if he did. So he did and I went and they tied. Next time John plays... it will hopefully be with a better team that is more on his level. There was nothing super exciting about my birthday. There wasn't even cake (which was probably a good thing)... but it was nice. I was glad I had John to spend it with and John told me he was glad he got me all to himself on my birthday. :) Pretty much the opposite of what happened with the guy I was dating last year. Sunday I am celebrating with the family. That should be fun. Also John is coming! He is finally going to meet my family. Long overdue. Anyway... I wasn't depressed about turning 31. It was so hard to turn 30, but 31... no big deal. Probably because my 30th year was AWESOME! I lost 55 lbs, went on a cruise, backpacked Southeast Asia, finally got to go to Havasupai, dating a great guy.... 30 has treated me well. Hopefully 31 is even better.

Oh, also my neighbor and friend, Geoff... he got me a birthday gift and sent me a cute message saying he was glad I was born so we could be neighbors. I then received an email of confirmation of a domain. Geoff bought me my own domain for my birthday and told me he would help me set it up. He bought me tracyjean.com. I'm pretty excited. He's awesome.

Tuesday I got a text from my cousin Trav. He sent me a picture of him and my cousin Dave with Grandma and Grandma's new fish. I was suddenly all kinds of jealous that they were all together and I wasn't. I love that he thought of me though and sent me the picture. I also love that they got Grandma a fish. Now she is in the fish club. Trav told me that I need to think of a theme song for Grandma's fish. My cousins are so fun. I was supposed to meet up with them later that night but sadly it didn't work out.  I just love my family. I really do. They are all so great, my immediate and extended family. I just feel so lucky.


Kristy said...

Sounds like your birthday was a fun one. And a lot of people let you know they care about you. That is awesome.

jamie hixon said...

Oh my gosh, do that many Christmas movies even exist? We finally watched Elf, and our kids have seen Charlie Brown and Charlie and Lola's Christmas specials. But yeah, we will never catch you.

Set up that domain! What are you going to put on it? Your blog or something different?

John sounds super nice. Mom is looking forward to meeting him.

Never noticed you were a slow walker. Maybe I'm one too!

Lori said...

Your birthday sounds like it was awesome! So many people love, care and are thinking of you- so nice. Glad it was a special day. Love you.