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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 199

Anyone else ready for the weekend? I am!

This is the first time I have been sick since I started my diet and got healthy. Maybe it's because I have been not so healthy because of my trip. Or maybe my body didn't like going from warm and humid to dry freezing weather. Regardless... it actually hasn't been that bad. It only lasted a couple of days and I just slept a lot.

Friday was our work party AND ward party. I'm so glad that my work always does it's Christmas parties while we are at work. It's awesome because we get paid to party, plus we leave early and then you know it isn't going to mess up any of your other Christmas plans. Also I never have to find a date.. which is awesome. I love doing it this way. For our Christmas party we went up to the head of the law department's cabin up Provo Canyon. It's a beautiful cabin. I asked him if he ever rented it out, and he said no... but he would let me use it for free if I wanted. I'm thinking family reunion... and friend party. I work with awesome people. We played a couple of games and ate good food and then we went home in the afternoon. It was great.

The ward party was an ugly sweater party! We had dinner and socialized. I will post pictures from that later.

John and I were going to build a snowman on Saturday... because I have never build a real snow man before. Isn't that pathetic? I have lived in Utah for 10 years and have never built a real snow man. Well, the snow wasn't the right kind, so that activity is postponed until later. We did make snow angles and then go for a walk in the lightly falling snow. It was kind of romantic... until it got too cold.

Something I discovered when I was getting ready to play with John in the snow. I need new snow clothes. I put on my snow pants and they were SO BIG on me... I had leggings on underneath the pants and I could still slip them off of me without unzipping or unbuttoning them. They are THAT big on me. Kind of exciting huh. Sometimes I forget how far I have come and how much I have lost (because I got rid of all of my other pants that were too big). It was an awesome reminder. But yeah... I need to shop for some snow clothes soon!

I watched Top Gear's episode where they went to Vietnam. It was so fun to watch. It was a total flashback of the trip.... which seems like it was forever ago, but really I have only been back for a couple of weeks. I just smiled while I watched it. Especially in the beginning when they were in Ho Chi Minh City. They of course had to ride motorbikes. That show is pretty funny if you have never watched it.

Last night was the last Institute class of this year. I only got to stay for half of class because I had to leave to go to John's soccer game, but I just loved that they had a computer monitor up in the front of the classroom with a live fire displayed. Just made class seem more cozy. I love that that kind of stuff is available. The lesson was great too. Read from Psalms and talked about the importance of music. A subject that I love. Geoff (my neighbor that teaches) wanted to use a picture from the Temple Square Christmas Lights. When he googled "Temple Square Christmas" my blog was one of the first to pop up and he told me he loved one of my pictures (which was exactly what he was looking for) and asked if he could put it in his power point for the lesson. I of course said yes and was honored. I think it is awesome that my blog is so high up on the google search when people are searching Temple Square Christmas Lights.

So I went to John's soccer game. For once it wasn't a super late game, it was at 8! Because it was at a decent hour, John's parents came to watch his game, so I sat with them and chatted while we watched the game and talked about how John is way too good of a player to be playing on his team... which is not as good, which is why they lost... again. But hey! They scored more than they usually do. :) Regardless, it is fun to watch John play.

Today I went to Zumba. It was my favorite instructor, Marcus! He is SO much fun! He has the best music and best dance moves and great energy. I get such a good work out AND it's a blast. There were only 4 of us in class today, but it was fun... there were times when I kind of forgot the two in the back were there... and it was like me, Lauren and Marcus were in a music video. Marcus in the middle and Lauren and I on each side slightly behind him. We were all perfectly in sync and putting all the energy we had into our dancing. We looked good! I told that to Lauren and she said the same thought crossed her mind. When I feel like I am in a dance class instead of a workout class... that is the best.

For my Christmas gift to my co-workers, I made chocolate chip banana bread. I did mini loafs so that my batches would go further. I doubled the recipe. It took forever... because I should have bought more mini loaf pans so I could bake more at a time. I guess you learn from your mistakes. It took me a while... but my co-workers loved the bread. That is what matters.

Although I have been freezing all week, and I'm afraid to walk outside because I feel like I might slip on the ice and die, I still catch myself staring at the white mountains and thinking how beautiful it looks... to the point where it seems like a painted backdrop. Colors are softer, things are quieter. Winter IS beautiful... I just wish I didn't have to go out in it.

I have been watching a lot of ridiculous Christmas movies on Netflix. For some reason, I have made it a goal to watch as many Christmas movies as I can. So instead of a TV show at work, I have been watching Christmas movies... most of which have been ABC Family films. Most of them are dumb, but they are still fun to watch anyway. Sometimes it amazes me how many of them have been made and are continued to be made even though the majority of them have similar plots. I can predict what is going to happen in the movie from the start. It is so funny. Here is the list of all the Christmas movies I have watched so far.
Muppets Christmas Carol
I'll be Home for Christmas
Christmas Lodge
Christmas Kiss
12 Dates of Christmas
A Holiday Engagement
Crazy for Christmas
Dear Santa
Desperately Seeking Santa
Holiday in Handcuffs
And I haven't even scratched the surface! I haven't even watched a lot of my favorites yet. We will see how many I can get! ha ha. Kind of fun. I have never done this before. Next I need to start looking into new Christmas music. Always trying to find new gems.

I went out to dinner with my good friend Rich. I moves back to Texas this weekend, so this was our last little outing together until he either comes to visit Utah in the future or when I go to visit Texas sometime (which I actually told Allyson I would). He is such a sweetheart and I wish him the best in Texas. I will miss seeing him at church and our heart to hearts. I will miss him complimenting me on Sunday and telling me I look good. ha ha. I know that we will stay in touch. I'm glad that we became friends and got to do a lot of fun things together. Always bitter sweet to have to say goodbye to good friends.


jamie hixon said...

Dang, Tracy. Why are you so pretty?! It sounds like a fun-filled week despite the cold. (And the cold.) Have you tried using DoTerra essential oils? I'm not really a believer that they can cure all remedies, but Dan and I were feeling crappy and we took some "on guard" soft gels. I swear it kicked our sickness out ASAP! Also, if your throat hurts On Guard cough drops make your throat feel better right away. They are magic.

We need to watch Elf. Haven't done that yet, and it is such a good one to get in the holiday spirit.

Darrell said...

I love that you have watched that many Christmas movies.