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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 201

Well.... Christmas is over. I'm done with Christmas music and Christmas movies. Speaking of Christmas movies... since last week, I watched:

Becoming Santa
Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe (never seen Santa Baby 1)
Love Actually
Christmas with a Capital C
A Perfect Day
Christmas Town
The Gift of Magi
Charlie Brown's Christmas
VeggieTales: St Nicholas" A Story of Joyful Giving
One Magic Christmas
All I want for Christmas
Muppet's Family Christmas
The Grinch
Home Alone

I believe that puts me at 47 Christmas movies watched this month before and on Christmas. I'm sure you are impressed. I'm impressed with myself. I have never watched so many movies in such a short period of time before in my life. Although being able to watch them at work sure helps a lot. I would say I accomplished my goal. There is NO WAY you can watch ALL the Christmas movies that are out there. There are WAY too many... and what did I learn from watching all of these movies? That they make way too many Christmas movies, most of which are not worth watching.

Besides the Christmas movies... I have seen a couple other movies too. Last Friday, John and I went to see the second Hobbit movie. I liked it a lot more than John did... but I have a special place in my heart for the Hobbit in general. It was the first novel I ever read thanks to my sister Kristy bribing me with buying me the animated movie if I read the book. The bride worked. I still have that movie. Classic.  We also went to see another movie last night. We went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It was a different role for Ben Stiller who also directed. We both LOVED it. One that I want to own when it comes out. It was creative and just well done and.... made me want to go on another adventure. I know I just got back from one a month ago... but seriously, I'm already ready for another one. John is going and I think it made him even more excited to leave... which makes me a little sad, but I'm excited for him too because I totally understand.

John also met my family on Sunday. I think it went well. It was all of my immediate family that lives in Utah, plus my Grandma and my Aunt Joanne AND my Uncle Dale and Aunt Teresa ended up coming over too. Everyone liked him. Not surprised.... everyone loves John. He is so easy to like. He will need to come around more often. I already feel very at home around his family.... I have been around them a lot. His mom even got me a little Christmas present and I brought them a lemon cake. This is part of the kind of stuff I have missed about dating someone. That and the double dates. I LOVE going on double dates. It means I get to hang out with my friends that are dating or married again! ha ha. We did the Gingerbread double date with Liz and Ben and this Saturday we are going to do a double date with one of his friends. hopefully something really fun.

I got another massage on Saturday. Signing up to get messages once a month was one of the best decisions I have made in a while. I feel awesome. It is going to be great come January when I start becoming more hardcore about working out too.

I have 60 tamales in my fridge. Jess's family started a tradition of making them on Christmas Eve (even though they are all gringos) and I was invited to participate this year. I bought all the stuff and brought it over Christmas Eve morning before I went to work... but sadly, because I had to work I missed the making of it. However, John and I still hung out for an hour after everyone else left and I now have 60 tamales in my fridge which I will make John help me eat. :)

For my birthday I asked my dad to get me some new windshield wipers for my car because mine were SO BAD. He did... because he is a good man and John put them on for me. I feel like I'm not even sure how I saw out my window before... it made the WORLD of difference. I think I will survive this winter. John also filled the air in my tires. He takes care of me. I need that.

I also got a gift card from my parents to get new snow clothes. Since I lost so much weight.... I don't fit in my snow clothes anymore that I usually wear. So John helped me shop for those too. Thanks mom and dad! Next I need to get the snow boots. I think I know which ones I'm going to get too. John also helped me buy quality camping gear for future adventures. Used Grandma's Christmas money to buy my nice new sleeping bag. Thanks Grandma! I just need to get a sleeping pad and a camelpak and I'm set! Ready to adventure!

My mom also got me a little seat cushion that heats up and you can use it to take to sports events (like John's soccer games that are over). I have always wished I had a seat warmer in my car during winter though... so I have been heating it up while I'm eating breakfast and sitting on it in the car on the way to work.... SO NICE. I even take it into work with me and sit on it until it isn't warm anymore. It helps! It stays warm for a good 3 hours! Pretty rad. I think I will get good use out of it! Thanks Mom!

Work has been real slow and I am one of the only ones here.... but they have been letting me go home early pretty much everyday because there is nothing to do... so that is good. I'm glad my time off went to a cruise and 2 weeks in Southeast Asia. It was worth it... even though it stinks to come into work when everyone else is gone.

I finally went to City Creek for the first time last week when we were looking at the lights at Temple Square. It's so beautiful. I still love Riverwoods too though. So classy. We walked around after the movies last night. I love all the lights there along with the fire pits and water features. Makes it a fun place to hang out... even in the winter. Just have to hang out by the fire while you look at all the pretty lights. Glad we hung out there for a little while after the movie.

P.S I think John is getting tired of all the pictures I make him be in. ha ha.

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jamie hixon said...

We saw a new Christmas movie: Just Friends. We hated it. haha.

You sound like you had a great Christmas. Lots of fun activities and new things. Yay!