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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 215

Today my Jr High BFF posted a pictures from our little group of friends for "Through back Thursday". I don't know why my Flashback Friday didn't catch on... but whatever. ha ha. Anyway... I got to reconnect with some old friends from the Jr High days. Gotta love facebook for that reason a lone.

I have been getting excited for Summer even though it's still kind of cold outside. I always get excited to plant my garden and make the back patio cute. My bench swing that I have had for many years is now trashed and no longer cute. It has got to go... so I'm looking for new ideas of how to put some cute seating back there and freshen up the patio. Any ideas?

April fools was the other day. Can you believe it is April? Goodness! Time goes by so fast. Anyway... April is the month last year that I started my diet. It is pathetic that I am still on it and still haven't reached my goal weight. I have been maintaining for months because I keep cheating. Anyway... I decided to really buckle down and be strict about my diet and exercise this month. So far so good (yes I know it has only been 3 days). I almost broke down on day one. My co-workers had bought donuts and they told me there was one left. It was even cut into 4 pieces. That is how my department roles because everyone likes to have a bite of everything. I went in to see what kind of donuts they were. I LOVE donuts, it is a weakness. Probably goes back to the days when my dad owned the bakery. Anyway... I came really close to taking a piece and then decided to stay strong and I went back to my desk. I guess Paula didn't take the donut either. When my co-workers came back they offered me the donut again, I said I was staying strict on my diet. They offered it to Paula and she said no. They were SO disappointed! Why? They had us both come look at the donut. It was covered in salt instead of sugar. Very funny guys... joke was on you that none of us took it. They had also bought good donuts, but I still resisted. They had to take the prank home to their kids since we didn't fall for it.

On Monday they put the Angel Moroni on top of the new/remodeled temple in Provo. Turns out we could see it from our building... so we all watched for a bit while the crane was putting it on top. Pretty cool. Nice that Novell has such a great view of most of Provo.

I fished watching "The Killing". I LOVED it. I loved all the twists in that show. I'm just dying for the 4th and final season to come out. I love a good intense show that keeps me on my toes. After I finished watching that, I started watching "Hoarders: Buried Alive". That show makes me sick to my stomach, I don't even know how I have watched as much of it as I have. I'm such a neat freak that it gives me anxiety to even watch people live  in houses with such filth and clutter and.... stuff.... everywhere. Although, I will say that I used to be a little bit of a pack rat. I wanted to keep anything and everything that had sentimental value to me. When I was younger, it made sense of why I couldn't give it up. I'm glad I got over that. Now I look at old boxes of stuff that I kept and think... why in the world did I want to keep that? I can relate to the mentality though a little bit.... A LITTLE bit. Watching that show always makes me want to clean and go through and organize my stuff.

We had a cheese tasting party at work. We each were supposed to bring some sort of fancy cheese and then my boss bought crackers and such. This was pre-being strict on my diet PS. So I went to Scary Allen's grocery store because I forgot until the night before and had to run to the closest store (which is scary Allen's) before work. So I just grabbed pretty much one of each of the only kinds of fancy cheese they have. One of them was a black pepper type cheese. It was the winner. Turns out it was everyone's favorite and none of us had ever heard of it before. I wish I could remember what exactly it was called. It was good though. I do love me some cheese and crackers #wallaceandgromit

It was Quarter end and it was my turn to stay at work late on Monday... the last night. It was THE WORST! I always get the short end of the stick when it comes to staying late and work load. I was so irritated all day because I was so busy I barely had time to breathe. It was non-stop for me from the moment I came in up until 4:30. The work then stopped... but I still had to stay at work until they told me I could go home. The Negotiator covering late with me works from home in Colorado... so I was the only one on my side of the building. They got me dinner from Carraba's which was nice, but guess how long I had to stay at work with only 1 contract that came in after 5?  They finally let me go home at 11pm. Yep! I was at work for 14 hours. Let me tell you what, it's not fun. Thank goodness for Netflix. Seriously.

The good thing that comes out of quarter end though is that we do get to see a movie for work. What did we see? "Non-stop". It was your typical unrealistic Liam Neeson movie, but I was entertained and thought it was fun to see once. Like "The Killing" the twist things around to make you think the bad guy is different people and have you guessing throughout the entire movie. I like that. Keeps you on your toes.

I think that about sums up my week. I know.... not very exciting. Oh well, I feel good about sticking to my health goals. I got this!


William said...

Good job sticking to your health goals! Remember that slow weight loss is permanent weight loss :) it's NOT pathetic, it's awesome.
Sorry you had such a long day at work, makes the regular days seem not so bad I guess... maybe.
Love you & miss you! Lori

jamie hixon said...

Hashtag Wallace and Gromit. HA! I think Jimmy Fallon recently used that one . I pretty much watch The Tonight Show every day and I want to be best friends with Questlove, so of course I would know.

I need to start some health goals. I am crazy fat and gross right now.

I've never heard of The Killing. Sounds intense. Maybe I'll watch it? I said I wouldn't watch 24 because it sounded too intense, but we ended up watching it eventually anyway.