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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Photo Shoot

Ever since Allison and I became friends, she has joined in with me on my season bucket lists (which I love). Included in our bucket lists are a photo shoot of the season. We did our Winter photo shoot, well... it was now time for our Spring photo shoot. With Winter you really have to wait for fresh snow for a good photo shoot... but that is not as hard as finding and catching blossoming trees at just the right time. You have to pay close attention because different trees blossom at different times and to find a bunch of them all blossoming at the same time... well...

I don't know why I haven't thought of this in years past, but there is a grove of trees right next to the state hospital in Provo and people take pictures there all the time. I checked them on Monday and they were all in full bloom so Allison and I headed over there for our little photo shoot.

Not only are the flowers beautiful with their pink and white, but they smell amazing too. AND we saw a bunch of deer there as well... so I had to take a bunch of pictures of them too.

Some cute pictures I took of Allison.

And that Allison took of me.

And because there were other people taking pictures there as well... I asked a photographer girl passing by if she would snap a couple pictures of the both of us together. It was a beautiful day and I think the pictures turned out beautifully. I LOVE Spring.... in case I haven't said that enough yet.


Lori said...

What beautiful pictures and beautiful girls :)

jamie hixon said...

Those are SO PRETTY. What a great backdrop! I LOVE the picture of you sitting and laughing. You are gorgeous.