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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

I was on a cruise last Easter, so it was really nice to be home this year to celebrate. Church was great. My previous visiting teach is so great... she is not even my visiting teacher anymore and she still brought me a cute Easter treat. She is the sweetest and has become such a great friend.

 And of course I love spending time with my family on Easter. Reanne even had a special Easter message prepared for the family which was great.

After the lesson, my parents, Kristy, Jess and myself all hid a bunch of eggs that Kristy and Jess brought for the kids and a BUNCH of candy that my Grandma had bought. She had also bought each of the grandkids baskets to collect all of their eggs and candy. It was fun for me to hide the candy and watch the kids go to find it and watch how fun it was for them. It has been SO long since I participated in an Easter Egg hunt... I guess when I was dating Brent we spent Easter with his parents and his mom hid our Easter basket's... but besides that, I was a little kid. I had never hid candy for the kids before, so that was fun. Plus I just love my nieces and nephews and love being involved with what they do.

I also enjoyed eating some candy while I was hiding the candy. :) The kids don't need ALL of the candy right?

I think the kids got it all... but I guess we will find out when my dad mows the lawn next.

Happy Easter. I hope everyone had a great one.


jamie hixon said...

CUTE! Easter is so interesting now that I'm an adult. It is kinda hard for me to see the point in all the Easter Bunny stuff. Like, lets just get new clothes, sing about Jesus and go home. I guess I'm grumpy now?

Lynette Mills said...

Thanks once again Tracy for being apart of the family stuff and for taking pictures so I can remember it!

William said...

Looks like a nice Easter. I still wish everyone would move back to SB so that we can be part of all the family fun too :)