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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 216

This week has been really beautiful. The perfect Spring weather. I have even read a book out on the grass at work for my lunch break a couple of times just so that I can spend time outside during the day. However, with Spring also come allergies. I don't get them super bad... but today I have been sneezing and rubbing my eyes a lot. I don't like that. I know many others have it a lot worse than me... for those that do, I'm sorry. It stinks.

This last weekend was General Conference. Quinette, Allison and I felt like we got judged by many people when we told them we were going to Moab during General Conference. I mean... we were back by Saturday night so we only missed one day. Plus that, General Conference is important to me and I realize they are recorded and put online very quickly after they are aired. When I got back Saturday night I watched Saturday mornings session and Sunday morning I was woken up by some text messages so I watched Saturday afternoon before Sunday morning session started. So... I was caught up before Sunday's sessions even started. Thanks for all the judgement though people! ha ha. Anyway... it was great. One of the talks by one of the quorum of the 70 even talked about the delicate arch... which we were there. We were just living Conference, no big deal. ha ha. Really though, so many great talks. I loved President Uchtdorf's talk about being positive and happy no matter what situation you are in. I feel like I have really been trying to do that, so I appreciated that talk. Also loved Elder Bednar's talk the burdens we bear and that we are no and never need to be a lone. The Savior is always there. Also loved Elder Oak's talk in Priesthood session about Women and the Priesthood which actually reminded me a lot of a lesson President Sandburg gave to our relief society. It was very plain and simple and well put and easy to understand and I love that Elder Oaks hits the hard topics with understanding and directness. Anyway. It was all great. It always is. This conference I was very thankful for my apple tv which made it SO much easier for me to watch conference than it has been for me since I got rid of cable.

Monday I got my hair done. Nicole is so good. No matter what she does to my hair, I love it. It was a change for me... but not many people have noticed. To me it seems much shorter and darker... my ombre is gone which is what I wanted. I loved having the ombre... but I felt like I did it long enough that it was time for a change. I wanted a little bit darker hair again. I love the color. Nicole is good at what she does. We always have so much chatting and catching up as well. I'm glad we have stayed friends over the years and kept in touch. She is a great friend. AND she makes me look good. :)

Friday mu co-workers took us out to lunch. We went to Wild Mustang... which I had been to before. It's good. I got the salad since I am being good on my diet again. However, then my co-workers had gift cards for each of us to get a free pie. Oh man. They have good pie there. So I got a slice of the sour cream lemon pie. It's SOOOO good. It was my one cheat this week.

Don't hate. I have been doing really good besides that. I have been doing my runs, I have been doing core work outs. Going to bed a little earlier, sticking strict to my diet (besides that slice of pie ... worth it!) and I'm feeling really good actually. I can stick this out until the end of the month, and then I'm done with the diet... just maintaining after that. Hopefully still going to lose, but it will just be without the diet food. I'm excited for that. I'm also excited to be doing well right now too though. I got this.

I just found out that Nickel Creek had a new CD... it's been YEARS since that has happened, I thought they were done. So glad that wasn't true because I love them. I'm bummed because they are coming to SLC on tour, but I will just be getting back in town that night and can't go. BUMMER!!! Oh well.

I have continued to go tanning. I have not gotten burnt again since that last time... which is good. Don't want that again. I don't know if anyone else can tell, but I can tell I'm getting more color in my skin. It's nice to not feel so pasty white. I have already cancelled my membership though. I only wanted to go for a month and I'm sticking to that. So I have until the end of this month and then I'm done. I'm ok with that. Don't worry mom... I don't think I will get cancer from one month at the tanning beds.

Wednesday I got my first leg wax. I figured getting my arm pits waxed would hurt... doesn't really. You know what hurts more? Around the ankles. Feels like little needles. It's still not that bad though. It's been really nice to not have to shave. I have also discovered in trying to grow my hair out to have it waxed... that I really don't grow that much hair, which is nice. Hopefully it will be even less now. I am going to do it one more time in a couple of weeks.

When I went in for my wax, I hear my name. I turn to see who it was. Mr. Emotional Basket Case. I'm not going to lie. I was surprised to see him. I had to pretend like I didn't ignore his last text to me. Oh hey! How are you? ha ha He asked me what I was doing there. Umm... hunting elephants? Umm I have an appointment. What I wondered is what he was doing there, it was pretty far from where he lived. Thankfully we didn't have to talk much before it was his turn to get his hair cut. Do you ever hang out with people you used to like and think... I'm kind of embarrassed that I liked this person? Yeah... I get that whenever I'm around him. I mean, don't get me wrong... he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, but yeah.

My good friend Ben invited me to dinner group yesterday because it was his turn to cook and he was making a salad and he thought of me. He is such a good friend. We have some good chats too. We are gchat buddies and have had some good discussions. I love hanging out with him and Liz and think they make such a great couple. I really appreciate good friends in my life.

My crab died over the weekend. I was bummed. He was a cool little guy. Probably a good thing I didn't name him and get attached. Good news is, I still have my shrimp and I do believe he is doing his job and eating the weeks in the tank. Hopefully this is the start of good to come with my tank. I would still love help from my cousin... but who knows if I will get that or not.

I'm still doing my Spanish lessons on my phone. I have done several lessons and feel I am getting better even though I am slow. It's coming back... slowly. However, I know if I tried to even listen to a conversation in Spanish I would be lost and fail to communicate. Maybe if I was talking to a child I could do it. ha ha. SO SAD! I wish it came easy to me. At least I'm trying.

It has been super slow and at work... and really empty. Everyone is on spring break. Today was just me and my co-worker Ron and we both felt like it was the slowest day in the world... except the last half hour when I got super slammed with a bunch of consulting work. I hate it when I am given a bunch of stuff right before I'm supposed to go home when I was waiting around all day for work. Thanks a lot guys!

I finished watching all the seasons of Hoarding. Can you believe it? I don't know how I watch all of that. It was gross. However, now I want to clean my house and go through my stuff and get rid of stuff. Ha ha. Now I have started watching "The Glades".  It's another murder solving show... but a little more light hearted than "The Killing" and every episode it is solved by the end of the episode. So far I like it, but I liked "The Killing" better. This one is 3 seasons long. Not sure what I will watch after this one is done.

I finally started working on my Southeast Asia video. I have done all the Vietnam video's and traveling there part.. in the middle of Cambodia. Hopefully I will finish it quickly so that I can start working on my book of that trip before I get too behind. I give myself so many projects. I like it when it's all done, but it's hard to get myself to want to actually work on them. Especially after several months after a trip... you lose a little motivation. At least I do.

Everything is starting to turn green and the trees are starting to bloom. I LOVE it when the earth comes alive again. I love spring. I love wearing flip flops again. I took a walk today and just stared at all the blooming trees and smelled the flowers (not the white ones though, those ones stink) and just loved it. So thankful it's spring.


Lynette Mills said...

Yes, hooray for spring. I will miss seeing you on Sunday but I'll say hello to the Hixon's for you.

Kristy said...

We are also so glad we have an apple TV, also that spring is here, also not glad about allergies. I discovered a little lavender around the eyes totally takes the itch away.

jamie hixon said...

Apple TV rules, and I'm sure you were awake and aware for more of Conference than any of your haters. You even got to the priesthood session? I haven't yet.

Hey, you are doing better at Spanish than everyone not trying. You know that saying? Something about lapping everyone on the couch?

Unfortunately I'm with Mom on the tanning thing. To me that is like saying you are taking up smoking for a month... you are consciously choosing to ruin your body in a small way, for a short amount of time. I get not wanting to look pasty, but sitting outside for a few minutes every day will beat a tanning bed every time. That said, I tried a tanning bed twice when I was a teen (and discovered pre-cancerous stuff right after... coincidence?) and I was super grossed out and claustrophobic. Amy also tans and has cancer in her face. Of course it is your choice and you can do what you want. I'm not judging, just informing.

Um, but that pie looks good. Like really good. Nobody can hate on you for eating delicious pie.

jamie hixon said...

PS I totally thought of you during the delicate arch talk!