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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Eggs

I haven't dyed Easter Eggs in YEARS! It was on my Spring bucket list, so it had to happen this year. I was supposed to do it with a friend but she ended up being too busy... so my roommate Penny said she would do it with me. We both got a sharpie and decorated 3 eggs each.

These are Penny's Eggs (bottom pictures are the front and back of one egg)

My Eggs (I know, Penny's are cooler)

All of them together look pretty cool. I almost didn't want to dye them. Later I dyed them all. Why not, that's the point right? I like them with color too.


jamie hixon said...

Awesome. They look like halloween eggs almost.

William said...

A sharpie! Brilliant! Why have I not done this before :) Very cool Tracy. Love you