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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 223

This week has been super slow at work. A lot of people have been gone... I have been watching a lot of Netflix. In fact... I finished Chuck, and now I'm watching other shows I have already watched that have new seasons posted on Netflix. Exciting... I know.

I have been trying to get back into exercise. I always enjoy Pilates.... I hate running on the treadmill, but I do it anyway. And I gave Insanity another go. I will keep at it.... maybe not everyday, but I will keep going with it. It's pretty crazy, but hopefully it gets easier. ha ha.

I'm starting to try and plan more healthy meals I can bring to work and such. This one I found on Pinterest is a new favorite. Wheat tortilla, provolone cheese, peppered turkey, spinach and avocado. YUM!!! Any more healthy lunch ideas to pack to work are welcome.

Project Patio is coming along. Just waiting for cushions for my bench. I'm excited for how it is coming together. I love it. When it's done, I'm going to have a patio party. So excited.

Yesterday I was excited to hang out with my good friend Geedge that I grew up with. It had been almost a year since I saw her last. Crazy how time flies... didn't seem that long ago that we saw each other. Maybe because we talked about going on a double date... just never happened. We spent a little time at the pool, and caught up on life and then I went with her and her friends from her ward to see Maleficent. I wasn't jumping to go see that movie, but thought why not since I had an invitation. I think it was an interesting spin on the Sleeping Beauty story. Kind of reminds me of Wicked... maybe that is where the idea came from. I have no idea. It was fun to see.

This last weekend I went to Mr Karaoke's house warming party. Finally getting myself to go to things by myself again. I'm glad I did... I ended up meeting this guy who is also well traveled. We spent an hour talking about our travels... it was fun. When I left he ended up getting my info and we ended up hanging out later that night. I guess I should be going to things by myself more often... I think it is easier for guys to talk to you when you are by yourself. It is usually just hard to motivate myself to go to things when I don't have someone wanting to go with me. I'm working on it.

Besides that... not a whole lot going on. Except for that I had another Skype interview for the Mormon Bachelorette. I guess the co-producer liked me so much she had me talk to the Producer... which is my friend Erin. She didn't know that we knew each other though. So I had a fun chat with Erin. I will be going to Casting Call on Saturday and see what happens I guess. I'm supposed to have a 2 min video of myself... showing why I should be the next Mormon Bachelorette. I asked my friend RJ if he would help... since that is what he does... video. Tuesday we went to Utah Lake at sunset and did some filming for my video. I can't tell you how stupid I felt ... trying to sell myself. I just told RJ to make me look hot and fun. I couldn't think of anything to say about myself. So... there won't be much, but I'm sure the video will be awesome because RJ is doing it. If I were doing it, it would be lame. He coached me all the way. Bonus of it all... we were at Utah Lake at sunset and it was beautiful. I love summer.


Anonymous said...

i keep hearing about this mormon bachelorette! what is that? new thing?

Lori said...

Salad in a jar is always a good one to pack for lunch!
My favorite right now is: Kale, minced garlic, salt pepper, lemon juice, olive oil a little shredded parmesan cheese and pine nuts or chicken :)
Love you!

jamie hixon said...

I could almost eat that lunch on paleo. I would have to replace the tortilla with something like a lettuce leaf or a cucumber though. Ha. I had something super yummy today, and it keeps well. It was egg salad, but with avocado instead of mayo. It was super yummy! Look it up on Pinterest.