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Monday, June 30, 2014

Strawberry Days Rodeo

Lolly's visit just happened to be the weekend of Strawberry Day's in Pleasant Grove. I love going to the Strawberry Day's Rodeo, so I thought Lolly might enjoy going also... so I told her to bring some cowgirl clothes. Lolly and I love dressing up, so I knew this would be a great activity for us. Plus... how do you not have fun at the rodeo. They are fun (minus the rodeo clown).

It was fun to not only go with Lolly, but with Allison and Quinette and her friend also. Just a girls night out. Since we didn't have any guys with us, we were checking for hot cowboys. Lolly of course has her own hot cowboy... but supported Allison and I in our endeavor. We found a few. All part of the fun of the rodeo. :) *Confessions. I have always had a secret desire to kiss a cowboy...  I mean, I guess I technically have, but dressed the part... cowboy hat on and all*

We had a fun time cheering for the cowboy's. We had our strawberries and cream (a must during strawberry days) and after the rodeo was over, we stayed and watched the fireworks. My second firework show of the summer so far.

The rodeo was great. I was kind of bummed they took out he dirt bikes since that is my favorite half time show and they put more of the clown in... which is my least favorite part of the rodeo, but still a great time. It was a great evening with the girls!


Kristy said...

You all look great. Sounds fun.

jamie hixon said...

I love your outfit. I've still never been to a legit rodeo. If I lived close to you I would make you take me on all your adventures. Ha.