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Monday, June 16, 2014

The Mormon Bachelorette

I have been talking about the Mormon Bachelorette. For those of you out there that don't know what I'm talking about (like my friend Catherine), my friend Erin created the online show for her roommate to find true love. So they got a crew that was willing to make it happen and had people apply to be on the show and date her roommate and they filmed each date and posted it on their blog and so it began. It is not set up the same as the real Bachelor or Bachelorette that you see on tv. Not everyone is living in the same house.... and there is no cocktail parties.... just the dates. She goes on dates with all of the men that made it on the show... then she chooses who she wants to go on second dates with and then continues to narrow it down. Guess what? She did find true love! She married the guy she chose and they now have a kid together and everything. 

Well, it was so successful and such a hit that the crew decided to do more seasons. The rest have not lead to any marriages but they are hoping it will change this season. They are heading into the 5th season and not only filming in Utah for the first time, but they are also teaming up with the LDS Matchmaker (that's right, a lady made a business... a successful one, with matching people up). We will see if they have more success this way.

When I saw that they were bringing it to Utah, I asked my friend Erin if I should sign up... if she thought I would be good for it. Of course she is going to tell me yes whether she thinks so or not... she is so nice. But I thought... why not. I like to take opportunities that come my way because you never know if you don't try... and I'm open to trying a lot of different things. It's all about the adventure. So I applied... and I had a Skype interview with the co-producer. She liked me enough to set up a Skype interview with the producer (which is my friend Erin... but she didn't know that). So we chatted. I then drove up to SLC for my casting call... which I felt like I bombed. But I also talked to the LDS Matchmaker... so if all else fails, maybe they can find a match for me. Anyway.... along with all of that, I was also told that I needed to send in a picture and a 2 minute video of myself explaining why I should be the next Mormon Bachelorette. I hate trying to sell myself to someone. I had watched other girls audition video's and got bored watching them list off all these things about themselves. 

I called on my good friend RJ to help me out. Why? Because videography is what he does. I knew if anyone could make me look good, it would be him. I told him I wanted it to be short... like a minute and I just wanted him to make me look cute and fun. I wanted to include some travel video's and such... so that is what he did. I felt stupid in front of the camera with what to say, but RJ totally pulled it off, and with little effort too. He was even awesome and took some pictures of me too while we were at Utah Lake filming (didn't ask him to do that). So here are the pictures... and the finished video.

PS RJ made me say the line at the end. I felt stupid saying it. ha ha


Kristin Hunsaker said...

Good for you Tracy! I'm sure they will pick you because you are awesome! Love the pictures you look stunning!

jamie hixon said...

I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!! I love you! When I watch that video, I'm like "I need to be best friends with that girl." And then I'm like, "Wait, that is my sister! Score!" You look gorgeous and the video turned out awesome.