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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 226

Last weekend was a blast. My bestie, Lolly, came to Utah to visit me. This like never happens. Therefore I planned a action packed weekend of fun. So fun that it was just me and her like old time. So nice that she ditched her husband and kids for the weekend to come play with me. She is such a good friend. I will blog about our adventures soon.

It's been busy at work. It's quarter end. I can handle it... I'm used to it, but it's the only time at work that I get slightly stressed. It's hard when I have so much work that I feel like I can't even take a break. My computer running really slow and programs shutting down on me doesn't help at all either.

Well... I am up on the Mormon Bachelorette site. I don't know if I should even feel lucky to be considered because I kind of wonder if they are just putting up everyone that has applied. You can check it out here.  I have been checking up on my competition. My friend RJ did an awesome job on my video and I really think I have one of the best video's... however I know I won't be chosen. And that is ok. Maybe something good will happen from putting myself out there. Maybe someone will see me on there and think...HEY! That girl is awesome, I want to date her, or I have the perfect guy to set her up with... who knows. You never know until you put yourself out there. I really appreciate the support that I have received though. Especially from my sister Jamie, me sister in law, Clara, my Aunt Sharleen and my cousin's wife Heather... for posting about it on Facebook and cheering for me and and telling everyone that I am awesome. It makes me feel special and loved. Really though... if you want some entertainment, check out some of the other girls video's.

I had a much needed massage this week. I am pretty sure that every muscle in my body was super tight. I had a different massage therapist this time since my girl I went to left for bigger and better opportunities, but new girl did a good job.

While Lolly was here, my back car window broke. Broke as in some piece broke that held the window in place... so every time I drove it would fall down... which gets annoying. At least it is summer and not winter. That would be the pits. Every time I parked... I would just push the window back up in place. On Sunday I told my dad what happened. I took the door apart and shoved a piece of wood in the door to keep the window from falling down. I would have been happy for it to just stay like that (you can tell my car is getting old and I care less and less all the time what it looks like) but my dad (being the awesome guy he is) bought the part that had broke and later in the week fixed my back car window. It took watching a couple how to youtube video's... but it saved me a couple hundred bucks of taking it in to get it fixed. My dad is awesome. He can fix anything.

So I put up the fort on Sunday night. It's the last week of June. Is the the  month fort week happens, so I had to put it up. However, I have been so busy this week that I haven't really even had the time to hang out in it or have anyone else come over and hang out in it. This is not ok. I need an official movie night and ninja warrior viewing party at least.

Speaking of June coming to an end... where in the world did June go? I feel like I didn't do much. Also... I'm sad it is coming to an end because that means no more S'more Blizzards at DQ. That is probably for the best though. ha ha. Allison and I have gone many times to get the S'more Blizzard which is the flavor of the month. SO GOOD!

Also I need to post about my finished patio. Project Patio is complete... although I want to find a little more lighting, but maybe not. Maybe it's fine just the way it is. The way the bench turned out was awesome. It was a big hit. In fact... one guy that used to be in my ward who is now married took a screen shot of my instagram of my finished bench and posted it in a comment on Facebook. I was like... HEY! That's my patio!

I went to a sewing class on Tuesday. I will also be blogging about that. It was awesome. However, it did make me think... I have such talented friends that have great ideas and are go getters and do so much with themselves and their talents... which makes me feel like... I don't make a difference. I wish I was doing something important and awesome with myself that was making a difference in the world or at least my community. That I was known for something. I can't even follow through with my ideas... like my travel blog, or the book I was going to write. I mean, I know there is still time. I just feel like I need a manager to help push me and work with me where I struggle to make it on my own. How do people become so well known for something? I don't know.. but I have a lot of talented friends that have done it and it makes me just a little bit envious. You know? All I have are my thoughts on this blog that not very many people read anymore.

Monday I went to SLC to hang out with my good friend Desiree and her husband Chuck. I love it when I love the guys my friends marry and I have just as much fun hanging out with their husbands as I do them. I totally don't mind third wheeling it in those situations. Come to think of it, I can't think of any of my good friends husbands that I don't enjoy hanging out with. That is awesome. We had fun chatting and telling stories. I had a really fun time even though we were all just hanging out. So glad that Desiree and I have stayed in touch over the years and continue to get together. I appreciate those friends... probably more than they know.

The other day I was adjusting or fixing something in my fish tank. The big tomato clown is a big bully and super territorial and will sometimes bite my fingers if I have them in there. I hate it. I try to show him who is boss. So the other day when I had my hand in the and he came for it... I flicked him in the face. I also told him that I didn't like him and was going to exchange him for a cooler fish at the fish store. That was not a threat. That is completely true. I already asked my fish store friends if I could and they said yes. Goodbye bully... your days in my tank are numbered.

Speaking of my tank, my friend Ellis came over to talk about a possible trip and saw my tank for the first time and thought it was so awesome he might get one of his own. My tank is pretty cool... but I told him of all the troubles I had. If he comes to me for advice his tank might fail. However... I may have it down now... maybe I can tell people the do's and don'ts at this point from trial and error on my own account. #scienceexperiment

I have been seeing more and more people talk and post about "The Piano Guys"... and I'm like, oh yeah... I made sushi with those guys. Not quite as legit as when Katy Perry come on the radio and I'm like... oh her? Yeah, we were in high school choir together. It's still pretty cool that I made sushi with them and their wives though. So random. I'm still waiting to run into Mitt Romney, Donny Osmond and or David Archuleta (although I met him before, but it was after a concert so it doesn't count) somewhere in Utah though. I've been here a long time, my chances have to be going up.

Did I tell you that I finally tried sudoku for the first time? Yeah... I wanted to see what all the hype was about so I downloaded the app on my phone and asked my roommate how you play (which they laughed and then told me) and now I play it sometimes. I can see why people are into it. I feel like I can only do easy puzzles right now though.... maybe I will get into enough where I try harder, but right now, it's just fun to play a quick easy game when I'm waiting for something.

Novell is a beautiful place to work in the summer. The stream the runs down by the cafe is going, they have a little river that runs around the campus that has ducks and fish in it. People are outside playing soccer and volleyball and basketball and running and biking outside. It is also BBQ season. It's awesome. It was only fitting that Lauren's last time at Novell to turn in her badge and turn in her laptop was on BBQ day and that we would sit out by the stream. It's our favorite spot on campus. She has been my gym buddy at work for the last 3 years... so I'm going to have to motivate myself on my own, but I think I can do it. I have a lot of friends at the gym now. I'm really going to miss Lauren though. She is my BFF co-worker and BFF gym buddy. She has already been gone for 3 months on maternity leave, but now it's hard knowing she isn't coming back. She has become such a good friend. Thank goodness for social media to help keep in touch... and if I ever go out to Idaho in the future, she is another friend I can add to the list that is there to go visit. That number is growing! Novell won't be the same. Thanks for everything Lauren. We had a lot of good times!

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jamie hixon said...

You look great in your pictures!

I know what you mean about wishing you were doing something important... I feel like that a lot. I looked at my instagram, and as I looked through my pictures I thought "I haven't been in a show in TWO YEARS." I want to write and sell music and stories. Or at least tell them. Instead I go to the doctor and change diapers. Oh well. Maybe we can motivate each other.