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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 225

This week just flew by. It was hot... and then it got really cold and rainy and now it is warming back up. We have had a couple days of spring weather and this weekend we will be back to hot. Utah weather is so weird.

I have been a lot more dedicated to my exercise this week. It's really hard for me to get myself to do it, but obviously I am always glad that I did. I have run outside a couple of times... the Novell campus is so beautiful... I'm not sure why I didn't run around the campus before. I would rather run outside than on the treadmill anyway! Maybe I can work on getting a little bit of a tan while I'm at it. I have done a few more insanity work outs... but I am only doing it when I don't work out on my lunch break. Today I also went to a new class at our gym called Cardio Core. It was harder than I thought it was going to be. You would think with all of the Pilates I have been doing over the years I would have a rock solid core. Core work outs are still hard for me. But I feel strong. I was sore from Pilates on Monday for a few days. I just need to continue to be dedicated.

I finally got my cushions for the patio bench. Project patio is done... except I just need to find some lights. Then it's patio party time. Blog post to come. I love it.

I finished the latest season of Psych and the latest season of Sherlock, now I'm watching "The Following". Goodness it is intense. I like it so far, but it's kind of scary. There is only one season on Netflix, so we will see how I feel at the end... if I want to continue it. Next I need to watch something less intense.

My friend Allison and I are getting a big kick out of the Tinder moments since they started that. If we are not with each other, we take screen shots of the best ones and send them to each other for our entertainment. It is pretty entertaining I must say.

Since my co-worker (Lauren) is no longer coming back from Maternity leave... (which I am totally bummed about) we went out to lunch on Tuesday as kind of a goodbye. Man... she kept me sane at work sometimes and she was the one that got me to go to the gym MOST of the time. She is the one that started me going to the Novell gym. It's nice to have a gym buddy. She became such a good friend and I'm going to miss her.... A LOT. Anyway... we went to India Palace. I was happy about it. I love Indian food and they do a buffet at lunch so you can try a lot of different stuff instead of just getting the safe Chicken Tika Masala. We all had a good time and she has the cutest kids. I had fun holding the new baby and playing with her little boy. Kids are fun.

Saturday I went to get my hair done. I love it by the way. Nicole always does an amazing job with my hair. Seriously. Anyway... on my way there I passed by the Utah Valley Marathon & Half Marathon. It was a total flashback to last year. I still can't believe I ran that thing. I'm glad I did... but wasn't sad that I didn't do it again this year. ha ha.

Saturday I also went to watch the Art City days fireworks with some friends in my ward. We were going to go to Summerfest in Orem... like last year, but they were happening on the same night and Springville is closer. So we went there. I don't care... as long as I get to see some fireworks. These were the first of many this summer. I love fireworks. :)

I met with someone today from LDS Matchmaker. It was a guy that works for the matchmaker who I found out is also a therapist. We chatted for an hour so he could get to know my dating history and get to know me a little bit to see if they can find me a match. I'm not paying.... so I'm just in the database. I found out for them to work on just finding you a match it is thousands of dollars. I had not idea it cost that much. Seems like I should be able to find true love for free. :) It was fun to talk to him though. It was like a free therapy session. I like therapy. Just feels good to talk. Maybe I'm weird.

I went and got a pedicure this week. When the guy working on my toes learned that I went to Vietnam he wanted to chat it up about Vietnam the entire time. I was ok with it. I like it better when there is talking than not. So it's all good.

World cup is happening! It's on in the break room and at the gym. Everyone is talking about it... as they should. USA won their game this week. It's awesome. I have never really been into soccer much until this last year. If I had tv... I would watch more. Even trying to watch it online is hard because it always brings me to ESPN and won't let me watch it until I put in my cable provider... which I don't have. I did find one site, a spanish one. So I didn't understand a lot of what they were saying, but I watched the Brasil vs Mexico game. They both fought hard and ended with a score of 0 to 0. I watched that one at work. Hopefully I get to watch a little more.

Fathers day was fun. Not only because I got to spend it with me dad and he grilled yummy salmon... but one of the boys (Nate) came over with his two cute sons that are about the same ages as Irelyn and Calvin and I got to see and catch up with him. He also hooked up me and some of my family with some cheap products at Adobe with his sweet discount. :) So nice of him.

Also on Fathers day was a surprise visit by my favorite fish nerd cousins. They are so fun. I love hanging out with them. Makes me want to try and get to Michiana for the 4th of July weekend. Maybe somehow I can make that happen. It would be a blast.

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