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Monday, June 23, 2014

Cusco, Peru

Back to my Peru trip that I have now been back from for over a month. Ha! I know... I'm so behind. I had so many pictures to go through and edit and after I'm done with all of the pictures I still have a video to make. I'm down to my last 2 posts about the trip though and I saved the best for last!

Cusco was my favorite city and it was also our base city throughout the trip. We flew from Lima to Cusco and then took a bus for the Sacred Valley tour back to Cusco, then to Aguas Calientes to go to Machu Picchu (that is the best post) and then back to Cusco then to Puerto Maldonado (the Amazon) back to Cusco and then to Puno. See what I mean... our home base for the trip. So glad too because I really loved this city. Sure it is full of tourists, but it sure is beautiful. 

John and I spent a lot of time exploring the city, going out to eat, booking tours in one of the tour shops, we bought most of our souvenirs here. We loved it. Some of the things we explored in this city... there are some ruins. You had to pay to get in, so we didn't go in. We felt like we could see it well enough from the rode.

They also have a great redeemer statue. I thought that was just in Brasil, but turns out it's not. Silly me. So we went climbed to the top of the hill... got a little lost along the way but finally made it to the top to see this awesome statue.

And this AMAZING view!

We found the famous 12 corner stone in the city. 

And spent time in the city park and went inside the BEAUTIFUL cathedral during Sunday service.

We loved it. Probably could have spent a lot more time here than we were able to, but so glad we got the time that we did. Completely recommend this city to anyone that has an interest in traveling to South America. 


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You know I love that last picture.

I've never heard of the 12 corner stone and I didn't know they had a redeemer statue. You are making me want to go there!