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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stewart Falls

Since Lolly lives in Vegas where everything is dry and brown... I figured she would love it if I took her on a nice easy hike up in the beautiful green mountains when she came to visit me here in Utah. I was right, she did. How could you not?

We started at Sundance and took the ski lift up the mountain. I got the idea to take her when we did it for work last month. I mean... you just can't beat that view, plus it is so relaxing and beautiful. Plus most people don't think to take them when they are not skiing.

Then we started our hike. It was an easy hike. We just chatted while we walked the beautiful trail. Hardly saw anyone on the trail....

Until we got to the waterfall. Then we saw lots of people and a little more on the trail back. I guess most people don't come from the Sundance side. All the better for us. The waterfall is so pretty. We sat there a little while, but then we were on our way. Had to get back home for our next activity.

It sure was a beautiful day for a hike to a waterfall.

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jamie hixon said...

Maybe my group didn't come from the Sundance side and that is why it was so hard for them? We saw people in the lifts, and I was wondering what they were doing. I would love to ride the lifts, the view does look awesome.