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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Utah Dining - Take 2

Allison and I started this challenge back in January of trying new places to eat around where we live. We don't always get the chance to do it together... but here is the next bunch of places I have tried since the last post.

Cafe 300 - Provo

Allison and I went here after a hike one evening. It's on University Ave so I have passed it several times and wondered about it. The service was friendly and the food was great. We both decided we would want to go back and try other stuff. Especially if you went with a group and wanted to hang out for a while.

Emanuel's - Provo

I went solo here. It was kind of random decision after I had been running errands. My neighbor swears by this place... but I had my doubts just because I have seen so many food places go in and out of this location on 900 E. I got the California Burrito and I like it. Was it anymore special than any of the other Mexican fast places? Not really. I'm not in a rush to go back, but if people wanted to go, I wouldn't mind one bit. The food was good.

El Azteca - Provo

We went for work. I'm not sure why I have never eaten here before because I think it has been around for a little while. It's at "The Corner" in Provo (University Ave & Bulldog) and it's just your regular American Mexican food. I loved what I got. I feel the same way about it as Emanuel's. I would go back. The food was good.... am I in a rush... no. However, they had a mini salsa bar. That is a major bonus!

Pop'n Sweets - Provo

This is also at "The Corner" right next door to El Azteca. We went here after eating there for work. My boss, before taking us to lunch said he had a surprise and was taking us to Willy Wonka's factory. He took us here. I guess it's kind of close. You have order drinks and shakes there and such... but their specialty is having candy and soda's from all over the world.

The Wild Zucchini Grill - American Fork

I had never heard of this place... probably because I typically don't eat out in AF, but I had a girls night with some girls around that area and they chose this place. I totally loved it. It's like Cafe Rio style where you special make your order telling them what you want and they put it together for you on the spot, except that it's Italian food instead of Mexican. I got a salad and I seriously LOVED it. I'm wanting to go back here soon!

Tadka - Payson

Ellis and I went here after going to the Festival of Colors. At the Hare Krishna Temple they were advertising it, so we thought we would go check it out. The food was awesome, but I didn't think it was anymore awesome than the Indian places we have closer to us... so I can't say I would go out of my way to drive down to Payson just to get their Indian food.

Tarahumara - Midway

I have actually eaten here several times (surprisingly since it is in Midway) a couple of those times was with work. First time I ate here was with my friend Desiree after we got scuba certified. We had Shark Taco's to celebrate and they were awesome. Everything I have had from here has been good, but the best part about this place is for sure their salsa bar. You could go and just have chips and lots of different types of salsa and be happy.

Foundry Grill - Sundance

This is another place we went for work. It was pricey was SOOOO good and I didn't have to pay for it, so I didn't care. Everything I ate (3 course meal) was so great. My main dish was their Steelhead Trout. Oh. My.Gosh. I fell in love. The flavors they put with it were amazing. I loved every bite of it. Their chocolate croissant bread pudding was pretty amazing as well. I wouldn't mind going back here sometime. Maybe for a romantic date? It is at a pretty location.

Joe's - Provo

Last but certainly not least, we have Joe's. It's on freedom and Allison and I had passed it one time and knew we had to eat there, so we did... yesterday! We will FOR SURE be going back. Not only was all of our food so good, but it is probably the best customer service I have ever received. He (Joe's brother) wasn't just friendly.... he told us to make ourselves at home. He told us we could draw on the wall if we wanted. When we said we wanted to get S'more shakes at Dairy Queen later he said no need... he would make them for us there. It wasn't on the menu, but he left to go to the store to get the stuff he needed to make them for us while we were waiting for our food to be made. No joke... we saw him leave and then shortly after come back with a bag of stuff and then soon after brought our shakes out. It was awesome. They also have music and entertainment there on some nights... but we didn't stay for that. We had a great time and loved our food. We want to go back to Joe's and try more stuff. It was a good decision to go eat there.

I love trying new places to eat. It's an adventure. I love food!


Lil Lizzie said...

this post made me so hungry!!

jamie hixon said...

Looks like I have to go to Joe's next time I'm in Provo!

Also, mini salsa bar? Always the best. We are totally sisters.

I need to explore more food in my area. We have our old standbys that we always go to. I need to make a food passport or something of all the places I want to go, and then when I go there, I can stamp it.