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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lima, Peru

I know everyone has been waiting for me to post about my trip to Peru. I can't believe it as almost been a month since I was there. Crazy how the time flies. My last trip I blogged by country. Since I spent two weeks in the same country, I thought I would blog Peru by city.

So we will start with Lima... the big city of Peru. The city I flew in and out of. I was told by people who have been there not to waste too much time in Lima, but you know what? I liked Lima. It has it's charm. I had a lot of fun photographing Peru. This is why it takes me so long to post my pictures. I take so many and it takes me a while to go through them all and edit and all that fun stuff.

This is the first time I went out of the country by myself. Of course I was meeting John there, but for some reason it made me a little nervous. What if something happened and John wasn't there to pick me up from there airport? There was no way for me to get ahold of him unless he was somewhere that he could connect to Wifi. When I landed I had a text from him saying he had found a place for us to stay and that he would be at the airport at 11 to pick me up giving me time to get off the plane and get my bag. Well... we landed a little early PLUS John didn't get there until 11:45. I was a little nervous, but I just sat and waited until he get there. I knew he would come eventually. I was pretty happy to see him when he came. :)

The first day exploring Peru was awesome. It was my first time in South America and it was so fun to see John again after not seeing him for almost 2 months and we were both in Peru for the first time. He got there from Ecuador just hours before I arrived. We hopped on the tram that took us to the Historic Center. I really liked it there. I just love all of the colors! We were greeted by a parade!

Then we hung out at the center.

We took a tour through the Monastery of San Francisco. The really cool thing about this place is the VERY Old library, the bats the fly around at night and the catacombs underneath. Oh.. and they have a pretty impressive painting of the Last Supper where Guinea Pig is being served.

That night we went to this water park. Not like a roller coaster type water park... this beautiful park full of beautiful water fountains with lights and going to music. It was so beautiful. We loved it. It was so fun to walk around and sit and relax on the bench while we watched all the fountains. It was like the ending of a date on the Bachelor or Bachelorette... exotic dates in foreign counties ... romantic endings. Just saying. I loved it, but I'm a sap.

The next day we spent exploring the part of Lima that we were staying in, Miraflores. This is where most tourists stay. It's the nice part of Lima. We went to a chocolate museum where you can take a class and learn how to make chocolate. We ask explored the parks near by... one of which is a cat park. They are everywhere.

Later we spent time at the beach... which was nice even though it wasn't the nicest beach. It was nice to just relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Later that evening we went to go watch the sunset. Oh how I love a beautiful sunset.

After all of that we were ready to move on to the next part of our adventure, but I was glad that we spent a couple of days in Lima. There are a lot of ghetto parts of Lima, but it also has a lot of charm.

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jamie hixon said...

Well, I would think Lima was an amazing city by the pictures you took! I love the one of you and John- I think you are under a bunch of water streams? Way cool. And that picture of skulls and bones all put together in a beautiful design is very morbid and intriguing.