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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 232

So I didn't realize how much people really paid attention to my instagrams. After posting the pictures from my hike on Monday I had at least 3 people come up to me and either tell me they wanted to be invited next time I went or were offended that I didn't invite them. I guess it makes me feel good that people want to do stuff with me. I don't always feel like people do.

I am in the 8th and last season of Dexter. I'm ready for it to be over. It ended up being a little better than I thought it was going to be though.

New guy in the ward has been acting dumb... so I'm done with that I think. Unless he redeems himself. Doubtful. Usually guys in my life don't. I should be more positive. Sorry. I swear I'm not bitter. ha ha

We have a ward auction every year around Thanksgiving to help raise money for families that are struggling for Christmas. I wasn't here, but I auctioned of Glam shots by Tracy. I totally thought a girl would buy it... but this guy in my ward bought it. He's a little awkward. He came over for the photoshoot looking... well... not what I would have picked for him to wear. We will leave it at that. You will see the pictures when I post them a little later.

My new fishies are doing great so far. So far so good. Still thinking of names for them. Only one of them has a name. I hope that everything does well in my tank now.

John's in Costa Rica now. We chatted on the phone the other day. Just makes me think back to my first big adventure with my big sister. It was so long ago and I was trying really hard to remember all of the places that I went to. It is amazing how much the information fades after 12 years. I was able to look at my journal from the trip and give him some tips of some of my favorite places that I went while I was there. So jealous. Wish I was back there.

So sad that I missed the Salmon Supper this year. I went camping instead... which was totally worth it, but by the time we actually left, we totally could have gone and eaten yummy Salmon and then gone camping after. Oh well... there is always next year.

Tonight I went to Ogden to visit a friend. I forget how long of a drive that is. On my drive I passed by 9 temples. Only in Utah.... so awesome though right? I think so.

I guess that is about it this week. I need to blog more about the camping trip, it had some interesting moments. Stories to come. For now... that is all. Another week come and gone. 


Kristy said...

Camping sounds fun. This has been the best August for spending time outside! Just perfect weather. I am kind of anxious to see the glam shots. :)

William said...

How interesting that a guy bought the glam shots! hmmm.
Good job enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Utah looks sooo pretty right now :)
I thought John came back... he is still traveling!?! Miss Costa Rica too, such a beautiful place. It will be fun to hear and compare travel paths and experiences.

jamie hixon said...

I always hope that certain people don't read your blog.
I think Instagram is easy for people because it takes literally 2 seconds and a picture is worth a thousand words. Of COURSE people want to go on adventures with you, duh!