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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 234

This week I am thankful for the sunshine. After living in a state that has Winter for the past 10 years... I am REALLY thankful for sunshine. I appreciate it more than I ever have before. I look forward to spring and summer so much and I just soak up the sun ever chance I get. Since my room is in the basement (which is cold) and my office is VERY cold (I always have to bring a cardigan or jacket even in the summer) I LOVE going outside in the hot sun. I Love laying out in the sun next to the pool. Having fare skin, that was never my thing... now I love it. I don't even get sun burned the way I used to which is extra bonus. :)

Speaking of, over the weekend I went to the Glenwood pool... yeah, I go there and act like I live there even though I'm like 10 years older than most the people there. Nobody can even tell. I get invited to play volleyball and get offered ice cream and this time Allison and I made friends with a couple of the girls that were tanning there. One of them was from Savanna Georgia. Yeah... anyway. It was great. I only have like a week of summer left in Utah... so I must take advantage of it. I will be going back at least one more time before the end of August.

I don't have a lot of things I can use from my potted garden on my patio... but I have been using my tomatoes and herbs in my salads... and tomatoes don't get better than fresh out of the garden.

I would like to bring up a topic. Social media. How much is too much? The other night I was on my Facebook feed and my old roommate posted pictures of her and her new born baby. Usually those pictures I see of new mothers are sweet and classy. Her pictures were of her breast feeding her baby. Nothing was covered... just boob and baby. I felt uncomfortable. Nobody wants to see that right? Well... everyone was commenting on how beautiful the pictures were. Saying that to be nice? Or do people really feel that way. Just curious. I mean... there has always been too much information shared on Facebook, but I have never experienced pictures that were too much... at least not that I remember.

We had more rain this week. most rain I can ever remember happening during summer. On Tuesday night the rain stopped in time for us to go through with our plans to go to the raspberry patch and pick ourselves a lot of raspberries. We drove down to Payson to do this and were all kinds of excited and when we got there...... we saw the closed sign. :( Bummer!!! Guess I will have to try again next week. I hope.

Monday we went to Rock Canyon park to watch an outdoor movie. I think it is awesome that Provo has free events like this. The rooftop concert... movies in the park... It's awesome! We brought our blankets and we watched Jurassic Park. I hadn't seen that movie in years. It was awesome. It is also fun to just watch movies outside... with a view of the city and there was even a little bit of a lightening storm going on in the distance as well. Great night.

Wednesday night I reunited with my friend Josh who lives in Salt Lake now. He came down with his brother and some friends to do some karaoke. Just like old times. Even Green Suit was there. It was awesome. I just love karaoke. I miss those day of going regularly.

I started watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". There are 8 seasons and I am in the middle of the 6th season. Sometimes I think it's funny and other times I find it a little obnoxious. Something that is pretty sweet though is that I found two new monitors (that match) at work that are wide screen and bigger. So now watching Netflix in my office is like watching on a big screen. ha ha. I'm glad I became friends with the tech guy... because I basically just get him to do whatever I need. If he hasn't heard from me in a while he will instant message me and ask me if everything is ok and if there is anything I have for him to fix. Ha ha... Well... now that you mention it. ha ha. It's a sweet set up.

I got a thank you card from my Couch Surfers from Alaska in the mail this week. Isn't that the sweetest? They went above and beyond with their thank you.

This week has been the week where guys from the past have come back. First my good friend Monica's cousin that I met years ago when Monica and I first became friends and then we reconnected over a year ago came over. I hadn't even seen him in a year. We talk now and then. Been talking to the guy I met at the bar a couple of months ago again. Bill came over tonight and we had a long heart to heart about his life. That was completely random, but we had a good chat. Then some guy I thought I knew because I am friends with his brothers (but turns out I don't know him) added me on Facebook and we have been chatting a little bit. It's been nice after feeling lonely for a while. John and I also had a long chat on the phone on Monday night since he is in California now. Always enjoy talking to him a lot.

Tonight I had a little roommie reunion with Meg and Sarah and we went to the Provo's Food Truck Roundup. I love going. I love trying new stuff every time. It was fun to go with both of them who had never been before and of course mostly just to see them and catch up just like old times. I got a pulled pork sandwich and some Italian ice this time. Yum. The food trucks haven't disappointed me yet.  :)

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jamie hixon said...

If I were in your shoes I would karaoke every night. Well, maybe not, but I thought your once a week set up was pretty sweet. Glad you got out and did it again.

I am of two minds about the baby and mom pics. Part of me is like "Yeah. Breastfeeding should be completely normal and everyone should see women doing it so that it won't be weird to see a mother feeding her baby." And part of me is like "Hey lady, those are private parts, have some modesty, sheesh!" So, yeah. I'm not going to post pictures of my boobs, but other people? Sure? Maybe? You be the judge? The problem is everyone has different sensitivities and some people are not great judges of what is appropriate. And some people just want to show the world their boobs.