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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 233

I have been in a funk... I feel like I am finally starting to come out of it, but for a couple weeks especially it was pretty bad. I would say I was depressed even... which I don't feel like that happens to me very often. I'm happy that I am finally coming out of it because I don't enjoy being in it. I like being happy... obviously. My friend Megan suggested that I keep a journal every of things that I am thankful for to help me. This isn't a new concept for me, but instead of doing it every day... I thought I would try and make it a habit to start my confessions with something that week I was specifically thankful for instead of just listing generic things that I so easily do when I make lists. Just as writing weekly confessions (thoughts, feelings and experiences) has become a habit, I am hoping this will as well.

This week I am thankful for people. I know that is super generic, but let me expand on that. Of course I am thankful for my family and friends and people that care about me... they make life rich and meaningful. They are the people that can make you hurt and bring you down, but they are also the people that lift you back up and bring so much joy to life. The ones you know you can turn to no matter what and they will be there for you and love you. However, I'm talking even beyond those people. I'm thankful to the random guy at work that I have never talked to before that told me he loved my hair. I'm thankful to the people that run the fish store that I see every couple of weeks that I now call my friends because we chat often and they are so nice to me. I'm talking about my co-workers that notice when I'm down and ask if there is anything they can do for me. I'm talking about the random strangers that smile as they walk by and the couch surfers that I meet that are so excited to meet me and get to know about my life just because. I'm talking about my Pilates instructor that tells me every week that she loves me smile and comments on all of my stuff on Facebook. I'm talking about the strangers that follow my blog and leave comments of support and interest. The people at the cafe at work that always say hi and give me a hard time for not eating at the cafe as much anymore as I'm passing by to go to the gym. I could go on and on. There are so many good people in the world, and all of the people that cross my path in life in a positive way make my day better and more enjoyable... and they make a difference... to me. I am thankful for that.

I feel like I have been watching a lot of stuff lately. I finished Dexter and the last season of The Killing (which I was disappointed in). I am now watching "Moone Boy" which is an Irish show on Hulu about a little boy with an imaginary friend. I kind of love it. The accents are pretty awesome too. I just got back from seeing "The Giver" in the theater. I didn't read the book, but I enjoyed the movie. I would recommend it.

So sad to hear of Robin Williams passing away. It's so sad when people struggle so much with life that they can't take it anymore and take their own life. Robin Williams was defiantly a very talented actor and he will live on through all of his wonderful movies. I guess that goes to show that fame and fortune isn't always what it is cut out to be. Tonight (before we went to see The Giver) Allison and I watched Hook in his honor. What a great movie.

On Saturday night I went to the Salem Day's fireworks with the new guy in my ward that I am still trying to figure out. I figured out that I like him more one on one than in groups. I feel like we do better that way... I get him to talk more.  Anyway... it's funny because I think the Salem Day's fireworks last year was the only firework show that I went with a guy also. Anyway, it was my 6th firework show this summer and most likely my last. I don't know if there are any more cities left that haven't done them. I do love that about Utah. So many fireworks to watch. I never get sick of them. They are so magical.

I got my Peru book in the mail on Friday. I actually really love the way it turned out. It's my favorite book I have made so far out of all of my trips. India used to be my favorite, but I like this one even better. On Tuesday I went over to John's parents house to drop off some of John's stuff that I have meaning to drop off since I got back from Peru 3 months ago. I can't believe it has already been that long since I have been back. Just John's dad was there, but I had brought my book over in case his parents wanted to see a small portion of John's trip. His dad gave me some veggie juice that he had just juiced up and we sat down and went through the book and talked for 2 hours. It was really nice. I don't think I have ever had anyone go through a book that I have made of a trip page by page and stop and talk about each thing for a long time. It really took us 2 hours to get through the book. John's dad is really an interesting guy with a lot to say and a lot of knowledge on many different topics and always eager to learn more. John gets that from his dad. I wasn't intending to stay that long, but I didn't mind. I had a great time.
I found out this last week that a guy that I went to Jr High and High School with died of colon cancer. He was married and had two little girls. It was really sad. I read his story on facebook... he wrote a post about his battle with cancer... how it came all of the sudden when he thought he was at the peak of his health and then all of the sudden.... cancer. He told of the horrible things you have to go through with doctors to try and get rid of it and through his post you could tell he was so positive about the entire thing even though it was the worst thing to go through. Then all of the sudden, when he thought he beat it, he is now gone. He is my age! It is so sad. Just a reminder to me how short life is and that anyone could go at any time. Makes you look at your life differently and appreciate it a little more. Well... it does for me anyway.

I went to the dentist this morning. No cavities... which is always great news. I just wish they were a little quicker there and a little more personable. I go in every 6 months and I don't think anyone there remembers me, plus I have to go over the same information every time I go in. They always have to do my X-Ray's twice for some reason. I always have to explain that I have always had that compacted tooth that never came through the gums and I purposefully didn't have them do anything to fix it. So on and so forth. I guess it all doesn't matter as long as I leave hearing that I don't have any cavities.

On Saturday we had a stake activity at Spanish Fork Reservoir. It was seriously the oddest place. I would never swim there. It was like this big swimming pool that was filled with dirty water and stalked with fish. I couldn't even tell how deep it was. The one cool thing about it... it has a pretty sweet view of the city. Thankfully swimming wasn't the only thing you could do at this activity. I ate some food and played some volleyball. I forget how much I love playing volleyball until I play again.  It is frustrating to play at the same time because I used to be so much better. In college I was playing 3 times a week. I very rarely play now. It's like the piano... I used to be so much better, so now when I play, it is pretty frustrating. It would take A LOT of practice to get where I used to be.

I went to the Food truck Roundup for the second time. It is such a brilliant idea. So many trucks and different foods to choose from though, it's tuff for someone who is indecisive like me. I got Greek food tonight. I don't regret that at all. It was really good. Can't wait to go back and try other trucks. I think I will do an entire "Utah Dining" post to food trucks.

My friend Daniel helped me find and download my favorite childhood DOS computer game. Pretty much it was the only game that I not only loved but one of the only ones I played and completed. I downloaded it onto my computer.... I only played it for a little bit because I really don't have time for that stuff anymore, but sometimes I just like to relive my childhood #peterpansyndrome. Daniel said he would play it with me sometime, which would be way more fun than playing by myself. Oh that game. I remember thinking the graphics and music were so amazing.

Have I mentioned how much I love my patio and how much I love hanging out back there? It's true, I do. On Sunday I decided that I needed to use my fondu set. I have had it for years but have hardly used it. So I bought some stuff Saturday night and then invited a few people over Sunday night to enjoy it out on the patio. It was a fun little hang out. We all had a great time and summer nights truly are the best. Besides that... I think that was my week.

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jamie hixon said...

I like your "thankful for people" section. I feel that way too.

The childhood computer game is Inherit the Earth, right? I used to be all about Lands of Lore (obsessed!), but I know if I played it right now I would not have fun. Weird. I DO however want to have Age of Mythology on my computer. I would play that business all the time.

It is weird when childhood friends go through something huge, or DIE. Yikes. Alicia my best friend growing up had thyroid cancer. She is recovering.

I'm glad you are getting out of your funk. I get in those all the time.