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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rockport Camping

The other weekend we went camping at Rockport Reservoir. I already blogged about the lake... now that I have the pictures from RJ, I'm blogging about the camping part of it.

Allison and I have been wanting to camp all summer, but the first weekend in August was the first weekend we were able to. We decide to make it a group thing instead of just the two of us. More the merrier right? We got a late start that evening with everyone getting off of work and then stopping to eat so on and so forth. By the time we got there, it was getting dark.

We start the fire and set up camp for the night. We were all having a good time around the camp fire... making S'mores, singing and playing guitar and telling stories. It was all good until a park cop showed up and gave RJ a ticket for parking the car on the dead grass that is going to cost over $100! Yikes! Besides that, we were al laughing and having a good time and getting to know each other. Me, Allison, RJ, Jeremy and Chris are all in the same ward and know each other, but Allison brought her friend Annie that none of us knew and RJ and Jeremy brought their friend Jared that we didn't know. Always fun to throw new people into the mix.

Then it was time for bed. We were all tired after a long work week. RJ had told us he was going to bring 2 tents. 1 for the ladies and 1 for the guys. As it turns out... he could only find one tent, so that was all that he brought. It was a 4 man tent. I'm not sure why nobody wanted to sleep outside.... so we decided that all 7 of us could fit into the 4 man tent. Which we did. It wasn't very comfortable and I couldn't really move all night and didn't get much sleep, but we all fit in there. Pretty amazing actually. I wasn't sure how it was going to all pan out... so let me tell you how it went down.

Let's first start out with the positive. We didn't have anyone around us.... just us in an open field, that was nice. It was also nice that we left the top part of the tent off... this way we could see the stars. Wow... I haven't seen the stars that clear in a while. It was beautiful. We saw several shooting stars. Absolutely incredible. I really wish my camera could capture it, but I don't have those skills... or probably the right camera. Also having so many people so close to each other, I didn't get super cold at night which was nice. Now... I was one of the first ones in the tent. I had set up my sleeping pad and my sleeping bag and I decided... I was claiming my spot in the small tent before I didn't have a choice. Jared, the guy I had just met that night and had barely spoken to decided he was claiming the spot next to me... and he wasn't moving. Jeremy decided to take the spot on the other side of me... but to create a little more room decided to face the opposite way so his feet were by my head and his head was down by my feet. Nobody else did this. On the other side of Jared was Allison and Annie... there really wasn't much room left, but Chris squished in between Allison and Annie and poor RJ ended up at everyone's feet because he is the smallest, so he felt everyone move at different times all night long (except for me. I stayed in one spot all night, not by choice). I was laying on my side. As the night went on Jeremy was pushing me with his legs towards the rest of the group and Allison was slowly pushing Jared closer into me. Jared and I were VERY close and getting closer as the night went on. Kind of weird to be in THAT close proximity to someone you just met. I think he liked it though. He happened to be awake every time I was awake and paying attention to me and whispering to me as soon as I would open my eyes. He would ask me how I was doing, if I could sleep (obviously not, sometimes  my arm would fall asleep) and would ask me if I was cold. When I grunted yes that I was a little cold he moved even closer to me if that is even possible and tried to lay his arm (that was inside the sleeping bag) on top of me... cuddling while in sleeping bags doesn't work. Now I REALLY couldn't move. I just stopped fighting it. I would drift in and out of sleep. One point in the night I woke up and opened my eyes and Jared had one arm out of the sleeping bag and by my head and his face was resting on my arm that I had cradled by my face and we were pretty much nose to nose breathing in each other's faces. Thank goodness he didn't have bad breath! It still took me by surprise. I thought he was going to try kissing me in my sleep if the night continued this way. At one point I looked around the tent... nobody else is going through this, just me. It made for an interesting night.

The next morning was a little awkward. I could tell Jared was trying to be close. Like we just had this amazing bond over night... which I guess in a way we kind of did. Don't get me wrong, he is a good looking guy and a super nice guy... I just met him and wasn't even sure how I felt about him yet.... so I didn't really know how to respond the next day. Plus... I was a little out of it from lack of sleep. Anyway, I look back on that night and I think it was interesting and funny and all part of the camping adventure. This is the kind of weird things you do when you are single right? I guess so ha ha. Good times.


jamie hixon said...

Weird. That reminds me of something I went through in high school. Also, that first picture is REALLY cool.

jamie hixon said...

Um, also... which one is Jared? Again, I'm hoping he doesn't read your blog. You might be scaring away your soul mate.