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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Couch Surfing - Take 3

For some reason I had 3 couch surfing requests in one week. I said no to one who was asking to stay the next day and then the one last weekend that I blogged about and then this weekend I had two girls from Alaska stay with me on their way back from the Grand Canyon. They were young, but we had a good time. This is the most time I have spent with any of my couch surfers (not that I have had that many). I made that my plans this last weekend. They mostly just wanted to hang out around town... so I took them to downtown Provo. We went out to eat at Guru's... had a pie shake at Sammy's and we just walked around and checked things out. I forget how charming Provo is until I spend time down there. The next morning I took them to the Farmers Market and to some antique stores (because they are into that) and then up the canyon to Bridalveil Falls and then back to my house and they were off to Salt Lake to their next couch surfer.

They were so sweet and brought me some gifts from Alaska and Montana (where one of the girls is living now going to school). They gave me smoked Alaskan salmon and Alaskan flowers. They were very sweet. Very polite... easy to talk to and fun to hang out with. I always enjoy meeting new people and couch surfing is a fun way to do that. There are a lot of nice, fun and interesting people in this world.

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jamie hixon said...

Fun! That was cool of you to take them around.