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Monday, August 4, 2014

Hiking in the Rain

Tonight we planned to hike to Cecret Lake. Allison has been wanting to go ever since she saw one of my pictures of it. So we planned for tonight. We also got Penny and Dallin to come along as well. It was our own planned FHE I guess you could say. As soon as I got home from work, I changed and I drove us to our hike destination up the Mountains in Alta.

It was hot and sunny when we left, we were all excited for our adventure. As we got closer and were driving up the mountain, we noticed some clouds overhead... but didn't think too much about it. We got to the trail and park and started our hike. There was a little bit of rain... but I figured it would rain a little and go away. We continued up the trail. The wild flowers are out... it's beautiful up there.

I told everyone that I really wanted to see a moose. I have always wanted to see a moose in the wild. I mean, I saw one really far away once, but I wanted to see them closer. Guess what? We saw 2! I was SOOOO excited.

Then the excitement died down when the rain started coming down harder. We continued to hike up a little ways thinking it would go away. Then we ran for cover thinking... it wouldn't last long and then we would just continue the hike.  Well.... the rain just kept coming down harder... and then it started to hail AND THEN the thunder and lighting started and it was intense. The thunder was so loud and echoed in the mountains and just went on and on. The lightening was right above us and lit up the entire sky. The dirt road was turning into a muddy river very quickly so we decided to head back... quickly... like run back.

We were so soaked by the time we got back to the car. It was intense. Thank goodness we were all laughing about it. Dallin was the only one that came prepared with a jacket. I was going to take Allison and Penny's pictures.... yeah... that didn't happen. We had fun though.

The drive home was interesting. The sky was beautiful, we saw a double rainbow over the mountain, there were huge and beautiful lightening bolts in the sky... then the rain came down so hard that I couldn't see. It was an adventure.

All in all, it was a great night. So happy we did it, even though the hike didn't last long and we got soaking wet. It was beautiful and I was so excited I got to see moose. :)


Lynette Mills said...

I wonder if the Moose ran for cover too? It rained pretty hard. I watched from inside :)

Kristy said...

The last time we went there it rained too. Crazy!

Lori said...

It's like a flash back from when we hiked it as a family 4 years ago! We had to run for cover from pouring rain/ hail and there was thunder and lighting... must have been the same time of year maybe?!

jamie hixon said...

One great thing about the weather is that it gave you some BEAUTIFUL light for your pictures!! Uber gorgeous.