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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Utah Dining - Take 3

Continuing my quest to try all of the places to eat in my area... it's a big challenge. This is where I left off last time.  I keep finding more and more places I have never tried or never even knew was around the corner from where I lived. How does that happen?

India Palace - Provo

I have been to India Palace many times before, but haven't blogged about it. I don't think it is any different than any other Indian place I have been to, but what I love about India Palace is that it is a lot less crowded than Bombay House (which I also love) and I believe a little cheaper? Also, if you go at lunch, you can get a buffet which is awesome because then you can try other foods besides playing it safe and always ordering Chicken Tikka Masala. There is a lot of other good Indian food people!

La Jolla Groves - Provo

This is another place I have been to before, but I took Lolly here when she was in town and thought I would add it to the review. I love this place! Everything I have tried here has been super good. I love the atmosphere... if you are wanting a nicer place to eat, I think of this place. At the same time it is not outrageously priced. Lolly and I both loved it.

The Black Sheep Cafe - Provo

I actually ate here a while ago for the first time so I'm stealing pictures from the internet because I don't know when I will go back again. I went with John and his brothers and their girlfriends. I didn't pay for it, but John said it was too expensive for what we got. I won't know until I go back again... but I do know it took forever to get our food. When our food came, I was happy with it. I got Navajo Tacos and they were really good. I would be willing to give this place another try.

Sammy's - Provo

I have been to Sammy's a few times here and there. It is a more expensive burger... I guess you can charge more for "gourmet burgers". Don't get me wrong, they are good... but if I am in the mood for a burger and I know I can get it cheaper somewhere else... I'm most likely going to do that. They have awesome shakes though. Some they make out of pies, some they make our of cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy. Things I really like about Sammy's? They have a pretty good location. Not usually an issue finding parking near by. I also like that they are open late (2 am... at least on weekends) and sometimes they have live music. I love the design and the atmosphere. They make it personal by putting up Polaroid pictures of people who come in and they let people sign the wall or wherever they find space to sign.

Brassas - Provo

I have passed by this so many times and have been meaning to try it for a long time and finally did. They have great Mexican food. I feel you are going to get way better Mexican food from small places like this rather than bigger restaurants like Los Hermonos. Personal opinion. I loved my steak burrito I got from here.

Roll Up Cafe - Orem

This is another place I passed so many times and wanted to try it. Maybe the huge owl out front caught my interest... I don't know. I finally got taken here for a date. It is a crepe place. I don't feel like these crepes were any more special than any other ones I have had... but I also feel like you can't go that wrong with crepes... or maybe I just haven't had an amazing crepe yet, I don't know. Anyway, the cafe is adorable, the menu options have hilarious names and I feel like any place that has this much Nutella in stock isn't going to disappoint.

 Hruska's Kolaches - Provo

I maybe stopped at this place because it had a cute fence, not because I was paying attention to the bakery. Seriously.

However, once we stopped, I saw a sign that said they were sold out for the day. Must be good right? So I went back the next day to see what that was all about. I would be lying to you if I told you I even knew what a kolach was before I ate one. I guess they are big in Texas and originally come from Czech. What I DO know... is not only was the guy working there the nicest ever, but it might be the softest, most buttery and delicious pastry I have ever put in my mouth. I tried the Cinnamon Roll one and the Strawberry, but I for sure want to go  back and try a breakfast stuffed one. What's even better is how cheap they are. No wonder they were sold out. I get it now. Found a gem in Provo. totally going back.

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jamie hixon said...

Oh my gosh, that pastry looks TO DIE FOR. And I wish we had a crepe place around here. Pie and cupcake shakes using actual pie and cupcakes?! Can you even do that? Those are probably one million calories and I bet I would gain 5 pounds just looking at one.