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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rockport Reservoir

This last weekend I went camping with some friends. RJ took all of the pictures. Here are some from playing at the lake the next day. We rented a couple of kayaks and swam. It was fun.

We all got A LOT of sun. At the end of the day we were comparing how much sun we got and put our arms lightest to darkest. Of course the guys of different ethnicities are going to be darker.. but either way, I was at the very end of the light scale. I have always had the fairest skin even when I think I'm tan.

Here is the group... minus Jared who went to his truck for a nap and to escape the sun because he got the most sun burnt out of everyone.  It was a fun group of people. We had a fun day. Fun times. Love the summer.


jamie hixon said...

I saw that last picture on Instagram. That bathing suit is cute. And that first picture is AMAZING!

Tracy Mills said...

Thanks! It's a Jessica Simpson suite I bought online. :)