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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bryce Canyon - Take 2

I went to Bryce Canyon for the first time a couple of years ago with my BFF neighbor and a couple other friends. It was March so there was still some snow there which was pretty... but we only spent half a day there most of which was just driving around it and like half of a hike. I decided I wanted to go back and see it in the summer and camp and explore there more. Thankfully I have some friends that had never been and wanted to go camp.

Since the 4th of the July landed on a Saturday this year, that meant that we got Friday off of work, so we took that as the perfect opportunity for a little adventure get away. We left for Bryce Canyon Thursday after work and camped in the Tipi and then found a campground for the next night. It was an awesome spot with an amazing view just on the other side of the hill. We lucked out with our camping spot and AMAZING weather. It wasn't freezing at night and it wasn't super hot during the day either. Just perfect.

Becky and I both really wanted to see a sunrise and a sunset while in Bryce Canyon. Sunset is no problem... it's hard for Becky and I to get up for sunrise... but we did it. Worth it!



We drove to a lot of look out points... but we did one longer hike. The Navajo Loop. I had done a little bit of it before when I went, but not the entire thing... not even close. This hike is pretty. I recommend it.

I was wearing my new chaco sandals and my hiking was pretty much over after that because of blisters but I did fit in another 1 mile look out loop. I limped most of it... but I did it.

Bryce Canyon National Park is so beautiful and unique. I feel like you can see most of it in a day. I recommend you go if you have never been.

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jamie hixon said...

That hike looks almost other-worldly. I'd like to go there some day.