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Monday, July 6, 2015

Sodalicious wish Asher

My nieces and Nephews are loving my new tradition of taking them out for their birthday, so I am continuing with it.

Asher's birthday is not until the end of this month, but since he happens to be here now... and I won't see him on his birthday, I took him out for his birthday early. Asher loves mixing flavors with soda, so he was pretty excited. 

He was so excited to go that he was practically bouncing off of the walls. Good thing too since we did a long hike right after. When we got there and he saw how many flavors there were, he wanted to mix them all... but I told him to choose one soda (which he chose Sprite) and then he could mix in 4 flavors. I don't remember all of the flavors he put in... I remember he chose Apple and Blackberry and cherry? I don't know... I do remember being worried it was going to taste bad. However, I tasted it and it wasn't terrible. He loved it. That was the important thing. 

He chatted my ear off the entire way there and at my house and on the hike. Asher is such a creative, smart, funny, energetic, cute and fun boy. I can't believe he is turning 8 this month and will be getting baptized. Time sure zips by with all of these nieces and nephews growing up! Asher is a fun part of the family and I sure love him a lot and wish that I got to see him a lot more than I do. I AM glad though that we are at the point that even though we don't see each other very often, he no longer has to warm up to me when I first see him. I love being an Aunt.

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jamie hixon said...

Thank you so much for taking him, he obviously had a blast! Those pictures of you guys are so cute too.