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Friday, July 3, 2015


Last night was awesome. Why? Because I left work early and I went with my friends and drove to Bryce Canyon. Because of the holiday weekend, we were not sure if we would be able to get a camping spot in the National Park since we couldn't reserve ahead of time. We could however reserve a Tipi right outside of the park... we all thought that sounded awesome, so we went for that. Worth it!

I have always wanted to sleep in a Tipi. Of course when I thought of sleeping in a Tipi, I was wanting to sleep in a Tipi in like New Mexico with a Native American tribe after doing some sort of tribal ceremony..... but this will do.

The Tipi was actually pretty well insulated and we were all pretty warm in there. I slept pretty good. No regrets. I thought it was awesome. More of the rest of the trip to come.


jamie hixon said...

Your pictures are classic and that teepee looks rad. Do they spell it "tipi"? Maybe I've been spelling it wrong. Whatever. That was a great idea.

Tracy Mills said...

Jamie, I thought that is how it was spelled as well. My friends told me different. I think it might be correct both ways.