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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 280

I did it. I bought the fancy headphones at work recommended by my friend. Not regretting that decision. I can ALMOST forget that I am in a cube. It blocks out pretty much all of the sound and all I hear is what I'm listening to. It's great. They also don't hurt my ears at all even after wearing them all day. SCORE!

Is chivalry dead? I'm not one of those girls that expects guys to treat me like a princess. I don't expect every guy that I come in contact with to open the door for me or whatever... on dates, it's nice. I don't like anything overboard like waiting in the car for him to open the door for me, but you know....  the guys that I work with, they are all gentleman. They open doors for me, they let me on and off the elevator first... they don't even think twice about it, they are just gentleman. It's nice. I bring this up because when I was moving floors... I was taking some of my stuff from the 8th floor to the 4th floor. I was carrying a big plant and something else.... I was struggling to even push the button that I needed  with all of the stuff I was holding. There was another guy in the elevator and he did nothing. Didn't offer to push the button for me or anything. Two other guys followed in after him and saw that I was holding a bunch of stuff and he didn't help me at all and they were like... geez man, you didn't even offer to help or push the button for her? No wonder you are still single. I just laughed... I didn't know what else to do. He rolled his eyes at them and said... she is capable or pushing the button herself. This is true... but because I was holding a bunch of stuff and struggling, it would have been SUPER nice if he would have at least offered. Normally I wouldn't have said anything, but again, I was struggling with all of my stuff and was annoyed that he wasn't even nice about the comment. So I commented. I said... there is something to be said for being a gentleman, or something like that. the other guys just laughed. After I got out of the elevator I kept thinking about this situation. Sure it is nice for guys to be gentlemen... but I think it's about being a nice person. If the roles were reversed, if that guy was the one with his hands full struggling, I would have offered to help. It's the nice thing to do to help someone that looks like they need it. Then I was terrible because I don't even know this guy at all but I went straight to thinking... yeah, that is probably why you are single. You have a terrible attitude. HA! Sure, I took it too personally at the time, but I wish more people would just be nicer to more people in general. I would love it if I was treated nicer and with more respect from men. I just don't really see that much. When I do... I'm shocked and pleasantly surprised.

I finished Heroes and am almost done with Arrow. I thought there were only 2 seasons, but apparently there are more. I don't know if I love it enough to keep watching it. There are only 2 seasons on Netflix and I might stop there. The guy is good looking and I haven't hated it, I just don't know if I LOVE it. You know? I'm not sure what I will watch next.

This week has been SO busy. It's a good thing. I like being busy. I had my eyelash trade and I went on a long walk with friends and been working and trying to catch up on things from being so busy. Still trying to be healthy and fit in exercises and hikes and all that good stuff. I feel the same.... don't feel like I'm making progress, but at least I don't feel crappy. I feel crappy when I eat crappy.

My cousin Lisa has been in town. I LOVE my cousins. Especially on my dad's side because they are the cousins I spent the most time with growing up. Even though they are all older than me, it doesn't seem like it anymore. They are so fun to be around and they are so warm and welcoming and make you feel so important and loved when you are with them along with just having very fun personalities. Lisa and Brett get a cabin up by Sundance every summer with their family. Tuesday night I went up there to hang out with them and Dave and Heather and their kids when up too. All the kids played while all of the adults sat around and talked and laughed around the campfire. It was so fun. Time flew. I didn't leave until 11pm and didn't even notice how late it got. Good thing I'm just a quick drive down the canyon. :) We have been texting every day making plans and tonight we all went on a hike! Lisa wanted to go on an adventure with  me so I took her to one of the prettiest places that I know of in Utah. Cecret Lake! Dave and his family came too. We all climbed in the party van (Lisa and Brett's huge van) and we up. It took up the entire evening and EVERYONE loved it, which I am so glad. We all had a blast and I will blog about that later because I of course took a ton of pictures.

Besides that... I have hung out with a new guy twice now. He seems to want to keep hanging out, so that is good. I hate to get my hopes up too high, but so far I think he is pretty cool. Big down side is that we are both busy and he lives in SLC so it makes it harder to get together, but when you like someone you make time for them. So we will see how much time we make for each other.

The fort is still up because I have hardly been home to enjoy it. So who knows how long it will stay up.

Camping this weekend... I'm excited for that. The End.

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jamie hixon said...

My kids loved your fort. Leave it however long you want to, it's awesome.

How fun that you got to hang out with Lisa and Dave and their families. I don't think I've seen Lisa since Lori's wedding! They sure picked the right girl to take them on an adventure.

Yay for your fancy headphones!

And I think you answered your own question about chivalry. I think some people think about others and some people don't. That guy sounded like a selfish dude. But I'm glad to hear you are hanging out with the SLC guy... I hope that works out for you guys.