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Monday, July 27, 2015

Donut Falls - Take 2

Last time I went to Donut Falls was a year and a half ago. It was Winter. I wanted to see what the hike and the waterfall looked like in the summer... you know. when most people go.

I was supposed to go camping this last weekend, but my friend bailed on me last minute, so I ended up a lone with no plans all weekend. Friday night I ended up going to see the fireworks for Pioneer day with a friend. Saturday I was sick of sitting around all day by myself... so I decided to do something I have never done before. Go on a hike by myself. Maybe I would like it... I was about to find out. I don't typically like doing things by myself. Or I'm not really motivated to go do things like hike by myself. Just doesn't seem as fun, but I refused to sit and do nothing. So I got in my hiking clothes and got in the car, drove an hour away up into the mountains and hiked the 3 miles round trip or whatever it was to Donut Falls to see what it looked like in the summer.

Hiking by myself wasn't so bad. It gave me a lot of time to think and enjoy the nature around me. I would stop and take pictures whenever I felt like it. It wasn't so bad. I passed many other people on the trail, but not so many that I felt weird being by myself or that it disturbed my peace. The most people I saw was once I got to the falls.

It was a lot prettier not covered in ice. It also wasn't as scary to climb up to the falls... but you did still have to climb up there to get into the cave and see donut falls. The nice part about that was... not a lot of people wanted to climb it, so there were not many people up there... not crowded which was nice. There were a couple people though... which was also good because I was able to take pictures for them and they were able to snap a couple pictures of me.

The waterfall is so pretty and unique. It doesn't look like much from the outside... but from the inside it is so cool. You wouldn't think there was this cave to climb in or that it is as big as it is. It's very cool and worth the climb up there.

Then I headed back before it got dark. I wasn't interested in hiking by myself in the dark. I made it back and was driving down the mountain by sunset. I made it home after dark and I felt great that I had gotten out and done something that day. It didn't even feel weird that I did it by myself. So who knows... maybe that won't be my last solo hike... although I still prefer going with others. Donut Falls is pretty cool though. I recommend it.

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jamie hixon said...

That really is cool. One of those pictures looks very "sacred grove"-ish, do you see the one I mean? I'm glad you didn't get hurt or in trouble on your solo hike.