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Saturday, July 4, 2015


Today I got back from my camping trip just in time to have some BBQ dinner with my family and homemade ice cream and a firework show by my dad. This year was the best yet. It was fun to watch the kids watch the fireworks. They LOVED them. I guess I am just a big kid myself because I never get tired of watching fireworks. I was glad to get back and spend time with my family for the holiday. I love having so much family near by and having family in town. I wish everyone was close by, but I think we do a pretty good job of seeing each other throughout the year.

Around 10, when it got dark and all of our fireworks were done and my siblings went home and kids went to bed... I went back out to party with the friends. There was still the Stadium of Fire Fireworks that still needed to go off. It was last minute that they asked me to come and I thought for sure by the time I got there that most of the show would be done. I got lucky. I drove to the Zion's building in downtown Provo and my friend Adam works there and has access to the roof. So he let me in and took me to the roof and I joined my friends and as soon as I got there the show started. It was perfect timing. We played our own patriotic music to go along with the fireworks. While we watching the Stadium of Fire Fireworks, we were so high up that we saw everyone's personal fireworks in all of Provo. It was awesome. What a view! Best view and no traffic or crowd. Can't beat that! Thanks Adam! It was a great day, a great weekend. Happy Birthday America! Sure glad to live here.

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jamie hixon said...

Roof access?! So rad. I didn't even know that you did that. Ha. I guess I was too busy putting Ezra to sleep or something. And yes, I've never seen a place that loves their fireworks more than Utah.