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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 281

Compared to last week, this week has been slow. I have so many things I could be doing, but I find myself being lazy because it feels nice to do nothing for a change. Work has been slow too. Everyone is taking time off for Pioneer Day even though we don't even get the day off. A lot of other people do. I had a busier week last week because my cousin was in town and I spent lots of time with her family. I'm sad they are gone. They are so much fun to hang out with.

Monday I had friends over for dinner. I love cooking dinner and I love playing hostess. I don't know why but I love planning dinner parties and having my friends over. I love my traditions I have started also. Besides that... I haven't done anything the rest of the week. Weird.

I went camping over the weekend. I will blog more about it, but it was beautiful. Went up to the Uinta's and have not been up there for years. I made a new friend.... the rest of the people though were not my favorite. Not very friendly and didn't seem like they wanted me and my friend there. Oh well, I still enjoy camping.

I finished Arrow... I needed something more lighthearted so I started Heartland. Usually horse movies are not my favorite, but so far I am not hating this show. I'm almost done with the 2nd season. It's cheesy, but it's cute and it was a nice change from all of the intense shows I had been watching. There are a few more seasons after this to keep me occupied for a while.

I don't know why I ever have any hope with guys. Every time I get excited over a guy because we have some sort of connection... they always disappear after we have gone out a couple of times. Sometimes I wonder why I even try. Dating seems so hopeless. I know that sounds dramatic... but really. It's super discouraging to think I'm going to find someone when I don't have a lot of great experiences to go after.

I guess Nate is already moving back to Utah and got a new job. That guy... I love him, but he can't seem to be happy and settle where he is at. I'm happy he is coming back to Utah. I will get to see him and his cute family more. He stopped by Tuesday after I was done with work and we caught up and chatted for 2 hours. I can't believe we have stayed such good friends all of these years. Me and all of those boys. It's they are brothers. It was fun to hang out with him for a while. He will most likely be moving to Salt Lake area when he moves back, but I will still see him more than I would have with him in Vegas.

While hanging out with cousin Dave last week, I had a heart to heart about my fish tank. He was fading out while I was fading in. That wasn't too helpful for me... who still feels like I don't know what I am doing after a year and a half of having my tank. I always consult with my friends at the fish store and they try and help me as much as they can without seeing my tank, but I still feel like I can't get it right. I may have them come over one more time to take a look at it, and if it doesn't get better after that, I think I need to be done. Another way I can save a little money. Not that it cost me that much at this point... but all the little things add up over time. It makes me sad. If I could just do water changes every week and have it be fine, I would keep it, but seems like I am still not doing something right, so it's frustrating. It's a tricky little hobby.

Have I ever said how much I hate it when people don't text me back? It drives me CRAZY!!! If it takes a while to get back to me, sure... that is fine, as long as they get back to me that day. When people don't text me back it's like saying... I know Tracy wants to get a hold of me... but I don't really care. I don't care about her enough to acknowledge that she is trying to talk to me. It's not nice.

Tomorrow I only have to work half day because it is Pioneer day. I may go out of town for the weekend. I'm just waiting to hear from a friend. I'm always ready and willing to get out of town. I love it. I'm happy that I am spending a lot more time outdoors and camping this summer more than last summer. Makes me happy. I just need to find someone to marry that wants to do that stuff with me. That would be fun. I would love to have an eternal adventure companion.

I can't believe July is almost over. One more week. Yikes! We have been getting some nice rain. It has cooled it down quite a bit. June was SO hot and July hasn't been so bad at all. It creates the most beautiful sunsets. When I was on my way up to Lisa's cabin on Saturday night I had to stop and pull over to take a picture of the sunset. It was beautiful. The most breathtaking sunset I have seen so far this summer in Utah.  BEAUTIFUL!!!! Never get tired of sunsets.


William said...

That is a beautiful sunset!

jamie hixon said...

Those sunset pictures really are amazing. Your dinner party looked awesome from your pictures.